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AM18x Wireless Connectivity Hardware installation guide

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AM18x Hardware installation Guide

This section provides Hardware Installation instructions:
AM18x HW instalattion 0.jpg
AM18x HW instalattion 1.jpg
AM18x HW installation 2.jpg
AM18x HW installation 3.jpg
SW7 configuration (as stated in step 5) is suitable for AM18x platform.
For OMAPL-138 SW7 configuration is different, see information below.
AM18x HW installation 4.jpg

SW7 configuration For OMAPL-138 platform

Make sure the the boot switch pins on switch SW7 are in the correct position:

S7:8 (BOOT[4]) S7:7 (BOOT[3]) S7:6 (BOOT[2]) S7:5 (BOOT[1])

S7:4 S7:3 S7:2 S7:1


  • For OMAPL-138 SW7:2 and SW7:3 are in OFF state (for AM18x SW7:3 are in ON state)
  • The reason for the difference in SW7 configuration is to enable the External Audio Codec in OMAPL-138 platform.
  • In the OMAPL-138 platform the “External Audio Codec” enable signal is multiplexed with the “UART RTS” signal therefore Bluetooth (that is depends on UART) and the external Audio Codec cannot work simultaneously.
  • For that reason Bluetooth Feature is not supported on OMAPL13x DVSDK Releases (as defined by the SW7 configuration) in order to enable the External Audio Codec.

Serial Console connection

To connect a console: connect a serial cable between the AM-18 EVM com port and your PC com port.
AM18x HW com port.jpg

Once the hardware bringup is completed, follow the link AM18x Board Bringup and go to AM18x System startup section.