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AM335x Resource Guide(English/中文)

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[本文简介] About this resource guide

There are plenty of resources in TI Website and AM335x Wiki. This resource guide means to make it clear for you to get the entrance quickly without reading so many documentations first. You can go through these resource links and get the concept for the device / platform quickly.

[硬件设计资源] H/W design resource

TI provides a rich set of documents for hardware design reference. Please refer to AM335x Hardware Design Guide.
1.  [芯片资料] AM335x chip documents contain the latest device User Guides(TRM), Data sheet (DM), and Silicon Errata(Silicon bug and the workaround). 
2.  [评估板] TI provides functional verified reference boards EVM for your reference:
         a. AM335x GP EVM : AM335x General-Purpose EVM .
         b. AM335x Beaglebone : AM335x Beaglebone.
         c. AM335x StarterKit : AM335x StartKit.

         d. AM335x Beaglebone Black: AM335x Beaglebone Black

         e. AM335x ICE: AM335x ICE   Note: ICE V2 schematics, pls refer to here.
3.  [原理图设计] AM335x Schematic Check List
4.  [PCB设计] AM335x PCB layout checklist 
5.  [电源设计] Power supply solution for AM335x
6.  [AM335x功耗评估] AM335x Power Estimation Tool  
7.  [AM335x的移植参考] AM35x/AM37x/AM18x/AM387x to AM335x Hardware Migration Guide 
8.  [BSDL/IBIS模型] the BSDL/IBIS Model for ZCE/ZCZ  
9.  [无线连接] AM335x Wireless Connectivity

10. [PG2.1兼容设计] For the EXTINTn signal revise compatible design, please refer the PMIC_INT part in beaglebone Schmatic sheet 2 of 11, the inverter of SN74LVC2G00DCU should be removed and the R10 should be added for PG2.1.  

11. [系统级ESD/EMI设计指导]System-Level ESD/EMI Protection Guide

12. [热设计参考] AM335x Thermal Considerations

13. [补充硬件设计参考] AM335x Supplementary Checklist

14. [DDR3 SW leveling和调试] DDR3 SW leveling and DDR3 debug

15. [NAND Flash 选择] There are two kinds of NAND flash supported for AM335x NAND booting.More information for NAND flash selection.使用NAND flash启动时,对NAND的选择有限制。AM335x支持以下两类:
     (1) 支持ONFI的NAND FLASH
     (2) 在TRM的Table 26-13. Supported NAND Devices中能够查到Device ID的NAND FLASH

16. [NOR FLASH启动设计注意点] Refer to the documentation post in deyisupport

17. [EMMC芯片启动注意事项] AM335x的MMC0和MMC1都可以支持EMMC芯片作为启动介质,如果是4G及以上容量的EMMC芯片,需要接到MMC1上,具体请参考TRM的26. 

18. [USB OTG 设计] AM335x OTB VBUS电路设计的注意要点

19. [Ethernet PHY 电路设计与调试] AM335x 有两个10/100/1000 EMAC,可以外接PHY芯片扩展2个10/100/1000网口。与PHY连接时,支持MII/RMII/RGMII接口。


20.[Touch Screen的选择与设计] AM335X 触摸屏的硬件连接及Linux驱动

[软件设计资源] S/W design resource

TI has rich reference software for customer development including OS platform (Linux, Android, WINCE and RTOS) and non-OS platform(StarterWare). For software design, please refer AM335x Software Design Guide.

OS platform:

  • 3. [Windows CE7]
    TI Windows Embedded Compact (WEC) 7.0 BSP can be downloaded from here.
        Hand Book :
  • 4. [RTOS]
    The overview about RTOS supported by AM335x can be got from here. For the 3rd party RTOS, you need to contact the Vendor directly.

Non-OS platform:


  • [QT]QT is a cross-platform applications and UI development framework, Building QT.

Other Software:

  • [PRU software package]

PRU Software Package. Please note that this is intended for “do-it-yourself” users and is not officially supported by TI.

[工具] Tools & Utilities

Maybe some additional utilities are needed for downloading, compiling, and development.

[培训资料]Training Material

[常见问题] FAQs

AM335x FAQ

1. AM335x Benchmarks for dsp performance

Benchmark Desciption Formula C674x AM335x(Native C) AM335x(Neon)
SP FIR Filter (general purpose)

Computes a single precision floating point real FIR filter (direct-form) with nh coefficients

and nr output samples.

43 + 10 * Nr * Nh / 16
For Nr = 128 and Nh = 4
cycles = 363 cycles =18857 cycles =1903


[其他技术文档] Other technical documentation

1. J-Link在基于AM335X的StarterWare开发中的应用

2. 基于StarterWare的VFP/NEON应用指导

3. 基于AM335x的u-bootSPL 的CCS 调试

4. 如何用CCS 连接 beaglebone

[在线支持] Online Support

  • DeyiSupport -- Local FAE will support you here
  • E2E forum -- Global export will support you here