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AM335x SYSBIOS Industrial SDK Release Notes

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Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

AM335x SYSBIOS Industrial SDK Release Notes

June 21, 2012


The SYSBIOS-based software development kit (SDK) for industrial communications is designed for the Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessor family to enable customers add real-time industrial communications easily and quickly to their system. By making all the basic system software components immediately available, the Kit allows developers to focus on their application code, where they can add the most differentiation. Optimized to support real-time industrial communications protocols such as EtherCAT, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP and many others, the SDK includes a real-time, low-footprint SYSBIOS kernel with boot loader and sample industrial applications to get started quickly.

Device Support

The following devices are supported with the current release.

  • SOC's supported
    • AM335x
  • Hardware Platform Supported
    • AM335x IDK (also known as IA EVM)
    • AM335x ICE 

Obtaining the Release Package


The following documents are provided with this release.

What Is Supported

  • Hardware Platform
    • AM335x IDK (also known as IA EVM)
    • AM335x ICE
  • SYSBIOS Real Time Operating System
  • Starterware boot loader
    • Boot from MMC/SD for IDK
    • Boot from SPI flash and NOR flash for ICE
  • Starterware based drivers integrated with SYSBIOS
    • PRUSS
    • Timer
    • UART
    • GPIO
    • I2C
  • EtherCAT Slave Controller
    • Beckhoff Slave Stack Version 5.01
    • EtherCAT Commands
    • 8 FMMU support in Firmware
    • 8 SM support in Firmware (stack support only 4)
    • Distributed clocks
      • 32-bit DC
      • SYNC0 generation single shot and cyclic mode support
    • DL Loop Control using PRU-ICSS MDIO state m/c
    • EEPROM Emulation
      • SPI flash non-volatile storage support in ICE not in IDK
      • Using volatile RAM for debug purposes and for IDK
    • Interrupts – AL/ECAT events
    • Watchdog – PDI & SM
    • Error Counters – all key counters
    • LED – Run & Error & Port0/1 activity based on firmware feedback
    • CoE and FoE
    • PHY address configuration and host side PRU-ICSS MDIO API for PHY programming
  • Profibus DP Slave Controller
    • Evaluation PROFIBUS DP slave stack library file from TMG
    • Baud rates 12M, 6M, 3M, 1.5M, 500k, 187.5k, 93.75k, 45.45k 19.2k, 9.6k
    • Telegram size Up to 244 bytes
    • DPv0 support Cyclic exchange of data and diagnosis
    • DPv1 support Acyclic/cyclic data exchange and alarm handling
    • Response time 11-bit minimum TSDR response time
    • Watchdog 10ms time base
    • Get diagnostics and extended diagnostics
  • Powerlink Slave
    • openPOWERLINK Stack Version V1.7.1.
    • Data link layer and NMT state machine for controlled nodes.
    • SDO via EPL ASND frames.
    • openMAC and openHUB
    • API for PHY programming.
    • Interoperable with B&R X20BC slaves.
    • Interoperable with openPOWERLINK master and B&R PLC (Power Panel 500)
    • Run LED
    • Cycle time till 400 us
  • Sample Applications
    • UART Echo
    • LED Control
    • EtherCAT slave
    • Profibus DP Slave
    • Powerlink Slave
  • Host Development Platform And Toolchain

What Is Not Supported

  • In general, peripherals or features not mentioned as part of "What is Supported" section are not supported in this release.
  • For EtherCAT Slave Controller, the following features are not supported in this release. These are planned to be supported in upcoming releases
    • Distributed Clocks (DC)
      • SYNC1, Latch0/1 support
      • Speed Counter Diff register (0x932)
      • System Time difference filter depth (0x934) other than 0 and 4
      • Speed Counter filter depth (0x935)
    • Enhanced Link detection
    • Redundancy
    • LRW for process data
    • PDI side register permissions
    • APRW/FPRW/BRW for SM mapped area
    • MII management interface
  • For Powerlink Slave, following feautures are not supported in this release
    • SDO over UDP.
    • Shared Buffer functionality
    • OpenMAC doesn’t have Collision detection functionality implemented yet.
  • For PROFIBUS DP Slave, the following features are not supported in this release
    • DP-V2 support for asynchronous mode and data exchange
    • PA support
    • Set_Slave_Add (SAP 55) support

New In This Release

  • EtherCAT
    • Distributed clocks support
      • Cycle time up to 250us validated in DC mode
    • Non-volatile ESI EEPROM support in ICE
    • PDI performance improvements - firmware command acknowledge in poll mode
    • Cycle time up to 31.25us validated in FreeRun mode
  • Powerlink Slave
  • SDK
    • Pinmux API to support application specific pinmuxing
    • Memory management API to configure MMU based on application requirement

Fixed In This Release

Issue Identifier Issue Description Workaround
SDOCM00086867 Non ECAT frames will be destroyed irrespective of DL Control.bit0 - due to a recent spec change source address shall be marked always. CRC will be modified, previously did blind forward for such frames None

Known Issues And Limitations

Issue Identifier Issue Description Workaround
SDOCM00093324 Powerlink: Connection for SDO transfer between master and slave may fail to establish sometimes None
SDOCM00093325 Powerlink: OpenHub fails to forward non-powerlink or large sized frames None
System Time difference shows non-zero value when TI ESC is reference


EEPROM write via CTT tool does not update non-voltaile storage always
Use TwinCAT
EoE is broken in ISDK


Refer to System Requirements section in AM335x Industrial SDK Getting Started Guide.

Technical Support and Product Updates

For further information or to report any problems, contact or