AM335x SYSBIOS Industrial SDK Release Notes

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AM335x SYSBIOS Industrial SDK Release Notes

Oct 14, 2013


The SYSBIOS-based software development kit (SDK) for industrial communications is designed for the Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessor family to enable customers add real-time industrial communications easily and quickly to their system. By making all the basic system software components immediately available, the Kit allows developers to focus on their application code, where they can add the most differentiation. Optimized to support real-time industrial communications protocols such as EtherCAT, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP and many others, the SDK includes a real-time, low-footprint SYSBIOS kernel with boot loader and sample industrial applications to get started quickly.

Device Support

The following devices are supported with the current release.

  • SOC's supported
    • AM335x
  • Hardware Platform Supported
    • AM335x IDK (also known as IA EVM)
    • AM335x ICE  V1/V2

Obtaining the Release Package


The following documents are provided with this release.

What Is Supported

  • Hardware Platform
    • AM335x IDK (also known as IA EVM)
    • AM335x ICE V1/V2
  • SYSBIOS Real Time Operating System
  • Starterware boot loader
    • Boot from MMC/SD for IDK
    • Boot from SPI flash and NOR flash for ICE
  • Starterware based drivers integrated with SYSBIOS
    • PRUSS
    • Timer
    • UART
    • GPIO
    • I2C
    • Ethernet
  • EtherCAT Slave Controller
    • Beckhoff Slave Stack Version 5.10
    • PRU Firmware load from SPI flash
    • EtherCAT Commands
    • 8 FMMU support in Firmware
    • 8 SM support in Firmware (stack support only 4)
    • 8KB process data RAM
    • Distributed clocks
      • 64-bit DC
      • SYNC0 out generation single shot and cyclic mode support
      • SYNC1 out generation - SYNC1 cycle time multiple of SYNC0 cycle time
      • Latch0 and Latch1 inputs
    • DL Loop Control
      • Using PRU-ICSS MDIO state m/c (slow)
      • Using MII_RX_LINK (fast - depending on PHY link loss detection latency)
      • Enhanced link detection support using TLK105/TLK106/TLK110 PHY RX_ERR threshold counting feature
      • Enhanced link detection in EtherCAT firmware
    • EEPROM Emulation
      • SPI flash non-volatile storage support
      • Provisions to use volatile storage for debug and development
    • Interrupts – AL/ECAT events
    • Watchdog – PDI and SM
    • Error Counters – all key counters
    • LED – Run, Error and Port0/1 activity based on firmware feedback
    • CoE, EoE, FoE and CiA402
    • Management Interface for PHY over EtherCAT
    • PHY address configuration and host side PRU-ICSS MDIO API for PHY programming
    • Redundancy support validated using PG2.x silicon
    • Application upgrade over FoE complying to SEMI TWG guidelines (not resetting PRU-ICSS)
  • PROFIBUS DP Slave Controller
    • Evaluation PROFIBUS DP slave stack library file from TMG
    • Baud rates 12M, 6M, 3M, 1.5M, 500k, 187.5k, 93.75k, 45.45k 19.2k, 9.6k
    • Telegram size Up to 244 bytes
    • DPv0 support Cyclic exchange of data and diagnosis
    • DPv1 support Acyclic/cyclic data exchange and alarm handling
    • Response time 11-bit minimum TSDR response time
    • Watchdog 10ms time base
    • Get diagnostics and extended diagnostics
  • Powerlink Slave
    • openPOWERLINK Stack Version V1.7.1.
    • Data link layer and NMT state machine for controlled nodes.
    • SDO via EPL ASND frames.
    • openMAC and openHUB
    • API for PHY programming.
    • Interoperable with B&R X20BC slaves.
    • Interoperable with openPOWERLINK master and B&R PLC (Power Panel 500)
    • Run LED
    • Cycle time till 400 us
  • EtherNet/IP
    • EtherNet/IP adapter implementation on low latency ICSS cut-thru switch as well as on Gigabit hardware switch (CPSW)
    • Integrated with Molex Ethernet/IP adapter stack Version 3.1.2 supporting the following features
      • Ethernet/IP Capabilities
        • Explicit Messaging and Implicit Messaging
        • UCMM
        • Class 1 and Class 3 Connection
      • Supported CIP Objects
        • Identity
        • Message Router
        • Assembly
        • Connection Manager
        • Ethernet Link
        • TCP/IP Interface
    • Compliant with ODVA EtherNet/IP Protocol Conformance Test Tool (Rev CT-10)
  • Sample Applications
    • HTTP Server
    • UART Echo
    • LED Control
    • EtherCAT slave
    • EtherNet/IP Adapter
    • Profibus DP Slave
    • Powerlink Slave
  • Host Development Platform And Toolchain

What Is Not Supported

  • In general, peripherals or features not mentioned as part of "What is Supported" section are not supported in this release.
  • For EtherCAT Slave Controller, the following features are not supported in this release. These are planned to be supported in upcoming releases
    • Distributed Clocks (DC)
      • System Time difference filter depth (0x934) other than 0,2,4 and 8
      • Speed Counter filter depth (0x935)- Not used by EtherCAT firmware
    • ECAT side register protection when using LRD command
    • APRW/FPRW/BRW for SM mapped area
  • For Powerlink Slave, following features are not supported in this release
    • SDO over UDP.
    • Shared Buffer functionality
    • OpenMAC doesn't have Collision detection functionality implemented yet.
  • For PROFIBUS DP Slave, the following features are not supported in this release
    • DP-V2 support for asynchronous mode and data exchange
    • PA support
    • Set_Slave_Add (SAP 55) support
  • For EtherNet/IP Adapter application
    • DLR feature
    • IEEE 1588/PTP feature
    • 10Mbps and half duplex on ICSS Switch

New In This Release


Fixed In This Release

Issue Identifier Issue Description Status
SDOCM00103819 EtherCAT: Bytewise LRD does not work correctly for last byte in the datagram for odd byte length > 1  Fixed
SDOCM00103985 EtherCAT: DC SYNC start time programmed earlier than current system time causes slave to hang Fixed
SDOCM00104218 EtherCAT: Overnight regression on CTT #33 fails very rarely and slave rejects further state transitions  Fixed

Known Issues And Limitations

Issue Identifier Issue Description Workaround
SDOCM00098105 EtherCAT: PDI/PD watchdog counter incremented by 1 whenever PDI/PD watchdog is disabled None
SDOCM00098950 EtherCAT:LRD access on unused registers increment WKC - no register protection while using LRD None
SDOCM00097012 EtherCAT: SYNC0 jitter varies with distance of slave from reference None
SDOCM00092510 EtherCAT: Multiple FMMU access in a single datagram to a slave for process data using LRD/LWR commands Use LRW instead of LRD/LWR
SDOCM00103423 EtherCAT: Back to INIT timeout on ICE-V2.1 is seen during firmware upgrade Increase the BackToInitTimeout value in ESI XML file for ICE v2
SDOCM00105048 EtherCAT: LRW access to non-interleaved input and output process data of multiple slaves does not work. SOEM accesses slaves in LRW mode this way  Use LRD/LWR for process data access or use more optimal interleaved access for process data access from Master (TwinCAT way)
SDOCM00104727 EtherCAT: PDO write from master to slave has a turnaround time of 1.3 * bus cycle time None
SDOCM00105027 EtherCAT: Multiple FMMU access to non-SM mapped memory in a single LRW datagram with read only FMMUs causes missed frames None
SDOCM00105261 EtherCAT: SYNC1 not generated for SYNC1 cycle not equal to SYNC0 cycle None
SDOCM00105262 EtherCAT: ESC type register (0x0) does not read 0x90 (TI), read 0x02 instead None
SDOCM00105263 EtherCAT: Could not read process data input of length equal to 1 from PDI side  None
SDOCM00103010 ICSS Switch - Semaphore assertion failure Exception on SYS/BIOS version 6.34.X.X and 6.35.X.X when tested with IXIA None
SDOCM00103421 Ethernet/IP:Four errors found in TCP/IP interface test while running Conformance tool None
SDOCM00103424 CPSW driver does not work in 10Mbps mode None

More details on EtherCAT known issues can be found here


Refer to System Requirements section in AM335x Industrial SDK Getting Started Guide.

Technical Support and Product Updates

For further information or to report any problems, contact or