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AM335x StarterKit Board Design Files

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AM335x StartKit Board Design Files

Note: revision numbers x.yz with the same x and y numbers are the same PCB. A change in the z alpha character is a change to documentation or a modification to the base x.y board. Changes to x or y denote a different PCB.

Rev 1.2B

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) 
    • BOM - Bill of Materials File
    • Note: WLAN is no longer populated or supported on the AM335x Starter Kit (component LBEE5ZSTNC-523). For TI WLAN, consider the AM335x EVM (TMDXEVM3358) along with the WiLink8 module (WL1835MODCOM8B) sold separately.
  • Board Schematics
    • Schematic - Schematic viewer pdf file
    • Schematic - Schematic source dsn file OrCAD/Allegro (16.5)
    • Schematic - Schematic source dsn file OrCAD/Allegro (16.2)

Tool Archive Files

AM335x Starter Kit Tool Archive Files - other tool format files