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AM335x Starter Kit

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AM335x Starter Kit

TI launches new $199 Sitara™ AM335x ARM® Cortex™-A8 Starter Kit with 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen that enables low-cost HMI and networking applications

  • Integrating Dual Gigabit Ethernet and software capabilities accelerate application speed and scalability
  • Enabling low-cost AM335x evaluation and accelerating connected home and smart white good apps

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ANDROID USERS:  Some initial Starter Kits may have been shipped an incomplete SD card. The Start Here folder may not be visible.  The content of that folder is located HERE.

What is the AM335x Starter Kit

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The AM335x Starter Kit with a 4.3-inch LCD display provides a stable and affordable platform for smart appliance, industrial and networking applications. It is a low-cost development platform based on the ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor that is integrated with multiple communication options such as Dual Gigabit Ethernet.

At speeds up to 1 GHZ, the AM335x Starter Kit accelerates designs with a stable, ready-for-production hardware and software platform. This “best value” board offers the ability to quickly evaluate the features of the processor and accompanying TI components, taking the guess work out of the hardware design. This allows experienced and novice designers to focus on product differentiation such as advanced graphics and connectivity. With more focused differentiators, developers can create thermostats, security panels, wireless hard disk drives and portable hot spots at reduced cost while accelerating time to market.

TI’s AM335x Starter Kit is a feature-packed compact design with an optimized bill of materials (BOM). Support for TI's Free Linux, Android and StarterWare software development kits is also included.

Getting Started

Software Development Kits

TI's SDKs provide a stable and fully tested software foundation that can be utilized on a wide range of Sitara hardware including Evaluation Modules and Beaglebone.


The Linux SDK includes numerous components including:

  • u-boot
  • Target file system
  • Host Tools
  • Scripts
  • Example Applications
  • Documentation
  • Host Tools
  • Pin Mux Utility - a graphical utility designed to ease the pin mux configuration effort by highlighting pinmux conflicts, configuring the IO and outputting the required source code.
  • Flash Tool - Currently for AM335x Flash programming is handled using U-Boot. Details can be found in AM335x U-Boot User's Guide
  • Training

     Sitara Linux Training


Android Screen Shot for AM335x Starter Kit

The Android Development Kit from TI is a complete software offering which allows developers of Sitara devices the ability to quickly and easily evaluate the Android OS. The TI Android development Kit is based on the TI Linux and the Google AOSP releases. It provides out-of-the-box support for TI Sitara devices. The Android Development Kit for Sitara devices is provided free of charge with no development or production restrictions. Developers who would like to experiment with the latest Android code for Sitara can also visit the open source community at There, users can download the latest code as well as interact with other developers and users of the Android operating system.


StarterWare AM335x OOB.jpg
StarterWare is a free software development package that provides no-OS platform support for ARM and DSP TI processors. StarterWare includes Device Abstraction Layer (DAL) libraries and example applications that demonstrate the capabilities of the peripherals on the TI processors.
  • Get StarterWare Software - SDK Downloads
  • Host Tools

Featured Demos

The latest SDKs for both Android and Linux include new applications and demonstrations to highlight performance and flexibility of the AM335x Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 processor.  
AM335xSK Demos.jpg


  • Amazed:  An open-sourced accelerometer game written for the apps-for-android project. The aim is to navigate a white marble through a maze to the exit, signified by the light blue tiles. Make sure you avoid the black "void" or you will die. Full source can be found hosted on the apps-for-android project site:
  • Crank: Crank Storyboard is a suite of UI development optimization solutions for developers of consumer electronics, automotive head units, and industrial devices that require an embedded dynamic graphical display. Included in the suite are great examples of an EKG (Medical), dashboard (Automotive), and thermostat user interfaces 
  • Frozen Bubble: Android port of the Frozen Bubble game. Knock the bubbles down by forming clusters of three or more bubbles.


  • Qt playground:  This application demonstrates the features of Qt Quick with a set of demos and the possibility to view the source code of the demos.  Each demo shows different areas of the Qt Quick features.  Demos include Slideshow, Fancy Picker (photo viewer), Same Game (bubble), QT Content (browser), Memory Game, and Hello World.
  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch: Three separate GbE switch settings are possible when using the AM335x Starter Kit. They include switch mode, dual MAC mode, and gateway mode. Details 

Hardware Documentation

How To's

  • Install JTAG Header - the AM335x Starter Kit does not include a JTAG header due to the fact that we have XDS100 capability via USB.  However, we did leave a space on the PCB for the header for the JTAG connector.  This How to will explain how to install the JTAG connector to your Starter Kit. 
  • Programming Starter Kit ID Memory - If you need to bring your Starter Kit to factory fresh settings, you can follow these simple to re-program the on-board EEPROM ID.


  • Stands
    SK Stands.jpg

  • Like the stands developed for the 7" LCD for BeagleBone, CircuitCo has also developed stands to prop your Starter Kit up for easy viewing. When available, you'll be able to purchase from
  • Battery Pack
  • Case
  • Coming Soon
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • The Starter Kit comes with an additional, populated connector to accept a capacitive touch screen from New Haven.  This multi-touch (x4) display can easily replace the existing SK touchscreen to provide you with even more possibilities.  Please Note:  Software support for the TSC is not included in TI's SDKs.  For more information visit: