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AM335x Trace

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Configuring ETB

  1. Launch a debug session for AM335x
  2. Connect to the target
  3. Right click on the debug session in the Debug View and select "Show all cores"
  4. Select the ETB (CSETB_0) and click the connect button.
  5. Select the CS_DAP_DebugSS in the debug view
  6. Go to the Scripts menu and run Enable Trace -> Enable_ETB_CortexA8_Trace
  7. Wait until you see three messages in the console about ETB being enabled
  8. Select the Cortex_A8 in the Debug View
  9. Go Tools -> Trace Control
  10. Click on the "Receiver..." button at the bottom of the dialog.
  11. Select ETB as the Receiver
  12. Click OK.

Enabling Trace

  1. On the toolbar click on the down arrow beside the breakpoint button (blue circle) and select Trace
  2. This will open the breakpoints view and there will be a Trace breakpoint listed.  Right click on it and select Breakpoint properties.
  3. Under Hardware Configuration, expand Type and What to Trace.  Select what you want to capture.  Program Address is typical. Then click Ok.
  4. Check the box beside the breakpoint to enable it.  The color should change from grey to blue.
  5. You can now run your application and collect data.

Viewing Trace Data

  1. Go to Tools -> Open Trace Connection in New View -> <select the core you enabled trace on>
  2. The trace display should now open.


Please watch this short clip that demonstrates the process of configuring and collecting ETB Trace data on an AM3359 (BeagleBone).

Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x768x32 15fps
Size: 4.113.972 bytes
Duration: 2:53