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AM335x Wireless Connectivity Platform

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General Platform Description

AM335x EVM

The development platform is primarily based on the AM335x EVM kit by Mistral. A COM6M extension card provided by Murata serves as a wireless connectivity add-on.

Key Properties
  • Platform combines a AM335x EVM and a WL1271 connectivity solution
  • AM335x is key catalog applications processor platforms, supported worldwide by TI Sales
  • Wireless Connectivity Card which incorporates an Open source mac802.11 based module
  • Supported Technologies: WLAN and Bluetooth support
  • Supported OS: Linux

AM335x platform.png

AM335x SK


For HW User’s Guide refer to AM33x Starter Kit

General Platform Block Diagram

The WL1271 connectivity solution is available in the form of a COM6M module. This board connects to the EVM main board using COM6 connector.

Because this board draws power from the Main EVM board via two sources; 1.8V VIO supply and Vbat (battery supply), no additional power source is needed to power this board. 

AM335x platform block.PNG;

Figure: Block diagram showing the functional interconnection between WLAN connectivity board and the OMAP EVM board.

  Following table describes the AM335x Host side connection to the COM6M module

Board Revision Entity AM335x Host related
Alpha WLAN Enable GPIO1_30
Alpha BT Enable GPIO1_31
Alpha BT UART ttyO1
Beta WLAN Enable GPIO1_16
Beta BT Enable GPIO1_21
Beta BT UART ttyO1

Connectivity Expansion Card Description & COM6M Connector Pin assignment

This daughter board contains an Murata module which is based on a WL1271 Wireless LAN and a Bluetooth combo chip.

The wireless LAN and Bluetooth  share one antenna which is mounted directly on the connectivity board.

The following table shows the pin assignment from the connectivity COM6M card to the Main EVM: <COM6M Connector Pin assignment>

Getting Started Guide

Follow this link to access the Getting Started Guide that describes the HW setting, WLAN and BT drivers installation and basic connection to the WLAN AP: Getting Started Guide

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