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AM437x Resource Guide

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[本文简介] About this resource guide

There are plenty of resources in TI Website and AM437x Wiki. This resource guide means to make it clear for you to get the entrance quickly without reading so many documentations first. You can go through these resource links and get the concept for the device / platform quickly.

[硬件设计资源] H/W design resource

TI provides a rich set of documents for hardware design reference. Please refer to AM437x Hardware Design Guide.
1.  [芯片资料] AM437x chip documents contain the latest device User Guides(TRM), Data sheet (DM), and Silicon Errata(Silicon bug and the workaround). 
2.  [评估板] TI provides functional verified reference boards EVM for your reference:
         a. AM437x GP EVM : AM437x General-Purpose EVM .
         b. AM437x IDK EVM : AM437x IDK EVM .
3.  [原理图参考设计] TI provides schematic and reference design:
      •   AM437x Schematic Check List
      •   AM437x 分立电源设计
      •   AM437x Dual Camera reference Design --hardware
      •   AM437x Capacitive Touchscreen Display Reference Design -- hardware
      •   Embedded USB 2.0 Reference Design
      •   DDR3 Reference Design without VTT termination using AM437x
      •   QSPI-NOR Reference Design
4.  [PCB设计] AM437x PCB layout checklist 
5.  [AM437x功耗评估] AM437x Power Estimation Tool  
6.  [AM437x的移植参考] AM335x to AM437x Hardware Migration Guide 
7.  [AM437x DDR 寄存器计算工具] AM43xx_DDR_register_calc_tool 
8.  [无线连接] WiLink8 Wireless Connectivity
      •   driver can be found in AM437x Linux SDK,See “Wilink 8 Addon Package” there. 
      •   Platform Integration Guide
      •   WL18xx wiki
9.  [热设计参考] AM437x Thermal Considerations

[软件设计资源] S/W design resource

OS platform:

[工具] Tools & Utilities

Maybe some additional utilities are needed for downloading, compiling, and development.