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AM43xx Hardware Diagnostics

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These diagnostics are provided as a reference and aid to test boards. No support is implied or provided.


Hardware diagnostics are intended to verify the functionality of each board including on-board peripherals and external interfaces. Hardware diagnostics are performed at the time of production by the board manufacturer to ensure quality and reduce returns.

Diagnostics Flow

1. Download diagnostic binary files
2. Copy diagnostic binaries to SD Card
3. Insert SD Card
4. Connect serial cable to UART0 for terminal output
5. Connect to serial port via terminal application
         a. Baud Rate       115200
         b. Data Bits         8
         c. Parity              None
         d. Stop Bits         1
         e. Flow Control     None
6. Connect required external test fixtures
7. Power up board
8. Diagnostics boot (PLL config, DDR config, small DDR test)
9. Board ID programmed into EEPROM
10. Main menu launched
11. Begin testing


Below are the diagnostics binaries for AM43xx.

Diagnostics Binary

Test Fixture Requirements


1. Ethernet loopback cable

         Rj45 loopback.jpg

2. Straight 9-pin Female – Female serial cable

          i.e. DigiKey part # AE9872-ND

3. Micro A – Std A USB Cable

          i.e. DigiKey part # H11576-ND

4. Male A – Male A USB Cable

          i.e. DigiKey part # AE1454-ND

5. Camera board

          Supplied with EVM

6. Audio input device with 1/8 stereo audio cable

          i.e. MP3 player, CPU, SmartPhone, etc

7. Audio output device with 1/8 stereo audio cable

          i.e. headphones, speakers, etc

8. HDMI Monitor

          Monitor must be an HDMI native monitor, not DVI with an HDMI adapter