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Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

The ARM9 is a general purpose processor core that can run several operating systems. For TI's DaVinci development platform is the capability to run Linux of very high importance.

The ARM9 is a CPU core developed by the ASIC macro design company ARM. It got licensed by TI and got integrated into multiple semiconductors from TI. Other ARM cores used by TI include the Cortex-A8, the ARM M3 and a few others. The most typical variant TI uses in its designs is the ARM926 in the ARM926ESJ aka. ARM926EJ-S variant.

The ARM9 is capable of running certain Embedded Linux operating system variants. Running other operating systems might be possible (Windows CE, QNX, ...).

TI Devices using this CPU core

The following TI devices have a single ARM9 core inside:

  • AM1x
  • TMS320DM646x
  • TMS320DM644x
  • TMS320DM36x
  • TMS320DM35x
  • TMS320DM335
  • OMAP-L137
  • ...

The following TI devices have a multiple ARM9 cores inside:

  • ...