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Analog and Power for AM35x

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Analog and Power for AM35x


This page serves as a repository of Complimentary Analog and Power Devices that can be paired with the AM35x (AM3517 and AM3505) SoC devices when integrating the device into a system. The Complementary Products listed here serve a wide range of functions such as:

  • Providing basic support functions for the SoC (power, clocking, etc.)
  • Expanding the interface options beyond the on-chip peripherals
  • Creating the link between the digital domains on the SoC to the system's analog/physical domains

The Complementary Analog & Power Products are organized into functional categories, with the goal of showing several options and their respective benefits.

Audio Input/Outputs

Part Number Description Compatible Part Numbers Device Interface Details
Very Low-Power Stereo Audio CODEC with miniDSP and Power TuneTM Technnology




  • Two fully programmable miniDSP cores
  • Six single-ended or three fully differential analog inputs
  • Very low-noise programmable PLL
  • Intergrated LDO
Very Low-Power Stereo Audio CODEC with Power TuneTM Technology




  • 4.1mW Stereo 48ksps DAC playback
  • 6.1mW Stereo 48ksps ADC Record
  • Stereo Audio DAC with 100dB SNR
  • Stereo Audio ADC with 93dB SNR
TLV320AIC3104  Low-Power Stereo CODEC with 6 inputs, 6 outputs, HP Amp and Enhanced Digital Effects


Integrated Anti-aliasing filter for Video ADCs

  • Selectable SD/ED/HD Filter Cut-off Frequencies
  • 0dB Gain and 2:1 MUX for connecting dual analog video sources

Stereo Speaker Amplifier

Also see Amplifiers and Linear for a comprehensive list of Stereo Speaker Amplifiers from TI. 

Part Number Description Compatible Part Numbers Device Interface Details
TPA3110D2  15W Filter-Free Class D Stereo Amplifier wiht SpeakerGaurd




The following is a summary of the device features:

  • 1.8V/3.3V interface support
  • 74.25 MHz 20-/30-bit high definition input support
  • 6, 11-bit, 297 MHz video DACs
  • NTSC M, PAL B/D/G/H/I/M/N, PAL 60 support
  • NTSC and PAL square pixel operation (24.54 MHz/29.5 MHz)
  • Macrovision® Rev 7.1.L1 (SD) and Rev 1.2 (ED) compliant
  • Simultaneous SD and ED/HD operation
10-W Mono Class-D Audio Power Amplifier




  • Advanced EMI Suppression Technology
  • 90% Efficient Class-D Operations Elimintates need for heat sinks
  • Adjustable power limiter allows the user to set a 'virtual' voltage rail
TPA2005D1 1.4-W Mono Class-D Audio Amplifier




  • Three External components
  • 1.4W into 8 ohm from 5V Supply at THD=10%
  • Maximum Battery Life at Minimum Heat

Touch Screen Controller  

Also see Touch Screen Controllers for a comprehensive guide to other controllers from TI. 

Part Number Description Device Interface Details
1.2V to 3.6V, 12-bit, Nanopower, 4-Wire Touch Screen
  • Register-based programmable preprocessing
  • 1.2V to 3.6V Single Supply Operation
  • Low Power: 800uW @ 1.8V (50 SSPS)


1.2V to 3.6V, 12-Bit, nanopower, 4-Wire, Micro Touch Screen Controller wiht SPI        SPI
  • Command-Based user Interface
  • Low Power: 12 bit
              -43.8uA @ 1.8V, Fast Mode, 8.2kHz eq rate
  • Preprocessing to Reduce Bus Activity
1.2V to 3.6V, 12-bit, Nanopower, 4-wire Touch Screen Controller with I2C        I2C
  • Register-based programmable preprocessing
  • 1.2V to 3.6V single supply operation
  • Low Power: 800uW @ 1.8V (50 SSPS)
TSC2007 Nano-Power Touch Screen Controller with I2C Serial Interface        I2C
  • Command-based user Interface
  • Preprocessing to Reduce Bus Activity
  • Enhanced ESD Protection
  • Single 1.2V to 3.6V Supply/Reference


TPS650732 Touch Screen Interface
  • The TPS6507x devices are power management ICs for portable applications. The touch screen interface is embedded in power management IC
  • More information is posted below in the "Power" section

Digital-to-Analog Converters

Also see the Data Converter Selection Guide for a comprehensive guide to data coverter solutions from TI.

Part Number Description Compatible Part Numbers
Device Interface Details



Mono audio DAC with class-D speaker amplifier and embedded miniDSP

16-Bit Low Power Stereo Audio DAC with Analog Mixig Headphone Outputs




  •  Low Power Dissipation: 6.4 mW in Playback at 44.1kHz
  • 93dB Dynamic Range
Low Power Stereo Audio DAC fro Portable Audio/Telephony



  • Can drive stereo speakers and headphones
  • Integrates an LDO for single supply operation
  • 95-dBA Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Operates from analog supplies of 2.7V-3.6V

TBA: To be released to market in November. 


Also see RS-232 Interface Products for a comprehensive guide to RS-232 products from TI.

Part Number Description Device Interface Benefits



Transceiver with Split Supply Pin for Logic Side




  • Enhanced ESD Protection on RIN Inputs and DOUt Outputs
  • ±15 kV IEC 61000-4-2 Air-Gap Discharge
  • ±8 kV IEC 61000-4-2 Contact Discharge
    ±15 kV Human-Body Model
  • Operates With 3-V to 5.5-V Vcc Supply
TRS3253E  Transceiver with Split Supply Pin for Logic Side  
  • Enhanced ESD Protection on RIN Inputs and DOUT Outputs

±15-kV HBM
±15-kV IEC 61000-4-2 Air-Gap Discharge
±8-kV IEC 61000-4-2 Contact Discharge

  • Compatible with Mixed-Voltage Systems Down to 1.8V on Logic Side


Part Number Description Compatible Part Numbers
Device Interface Details



Positive and Negative Output DC-DC Converter




  • Dual Adjustable Output Voltages Up to +15V and Down to -15V
  • 800mA Typical Switch Current LImit at Boost and Inverter Main Switches
  • Up to 89% Efficiency at Positive Output Voltage Rail and 81% Efficiency at Negative Output Voltage Rail
  • 2.7V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range 
Ethernet PHY
  • Low Power Consumption, <200mW Typical
  • 3.3V MAC interface
  • 25 MHz Clock Out
  • MII Serial Management Interface


Can Tranceiver

  • Operates with a 3.3V Supply
  • Bus/Pin ESD Protection Exceeds 16KV HBM
  • High Input Impedance Allows for 120 Nodes on a Bus
BQ20Z70-V160 Gas Gauge

  • Better than 1% Error Over Lifetime of the Battery
  • Instant Accurac - No Learning Cycle Required
  • Support the Smart Battery Specification SBS V1.1
  • Powerful 8-Bit RISC CPU With Ultra-Low Power Modes
  • Full Array of Programmable Protection Features


AM3517/05 devices has three external input clocks, a low frequency, a high frequency, and an optional.  Tha AM3517/05  device has two configurable output clocks. 
The clock system accepts three input clock sources:

  • 32-kHz digital CMOS clock 
  • Crystal oscillator clock or CMOS digital clock (26 MHz) 
  • Alternate clock  

Below is a sampling of clock generators/synthesizers that would complement AM3517/05 devices. Also view the Clocks and Timing Selection Guide for a comprehensive guide to clocking solutions from TI.

Part Description Device Interface Details
CDCE925 Programmable 2-PLL VCXO CLock Synthesizer with 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V LVCMOS Out
  • Input accepts an external crystal (8 to 32 MHz) or LVCMOS clock signal (up to 150MHz)
  •  Can generate two different LVCMOS output frequencies (up to 230MHz)
  • 2-PLL, 5 Outputs
  • Low-Noise PLL Core: PLL Loop Filter Components Integrated
  • Low Period Jitter (Typ 60 ps)


The AM35x devices require regulated 1.2V core, 1.8V, and 3.3V voltages. The table below shows the voltage rails, current, voltage tolerance, and sequencing requirements of the AM3505 and AM3517.

TI provide will provide a power spec page on the Analog & Power for Processors website that gives detailed power specs, power reference designs covering multiple design care-abouts, and other useful links. These power reference designs are built and tested based on the worst case power specs given in the power spec table.

AM3505 and AM3517 Power Specifications

Power Rail Voltage Tolerance Imax (mA)
VDD_CORE 1.2V +/- 4% 1500
VDDSHV 1.8V, 3.3V +/- 5% 300
VDDS 1.8V +/- 5% 200
1.8V +/- 5% 50
1.8V +/- 5% 100
1.8V +/- 5% 115
VDDA3P3V_USBPHY 3.3V +/- 5% 10

Below is a sampling of the power management products that complement the AM35x devices.

Another resource is available to help design-in the TPS650732 alongside the AM3505 and AM3517 devices : AM35x with TPS650732: Design-In Guide

Part Number Description Details
5-Channel Power Management IC with 3 DC/DCs, 2 LDOs in 6x6mm QFN with battery charger, TSC, wLED drivers
  • 3.6V – 6.3V Input Voltage Range
  • Charger/Power Path Management:
    • 2A Output Current on the Power Path
    • Linear Charger; 1.5A Maximum Charge Current
  • 3 Step-Down Converters (up to 1.5A):
    • 2.25MHz Fixed Frequency Operation for small component size
    • Power Save Mode at Light Load Current
    • Typical 19 µA Quiescent per Converter
  • 2 LDOs (200mA output current each)
  • wLED Boost Converter:
    • Internal Dimming Using I2C
    • Up to 2 × 10 LEDs
    • Up to 25mA per String With Internal Current Sink
  • I2C Interface
  • 10 Bit A/D Converter
  • Touch Screen Interface

6-channel Power Mgmt IC with 3DC/DCs, 3 LDOs, I2C Interface
  • 1.5 A, 90% Efficient Step-Down Converter for Processor Core (VDCDC1)
  • 1.2 A, Up to 95% Efficient Step-Down Converter for System Voltage (VDCDC2)
  • 1.0 A, 92% Efficient Step-Down Converter for Memory Voltage (VDCDC3)
  • 30 mA LDO/Switch for Real Time Clock (VRTC)
  • 2 × 200 mA General-Purpose LDO
  • Dynamic Voltage Management for Processor Core
  • Preselectable LDO Voltage Using Two Digital Input Pins
  • Externally Adjustable Reset Delay Time
  • I2C™ Compatible Serial Interface
  • 85-µA Quiescent Current

Integrated Power Management IC w/ 4 DC/DCs, 8 LDOs and RTC in 6x6mm QFN
  • Embedded power controller
  • Two efficient step-down dc-dc converters for processor cores
  • One efficient step-down dc-dc converter for I/O power
  • One efficient step-up 5-V dc-dc converter
  • SmartReflex™ compliant dynamic voltage management for processor cores
  • 8 LDO voltage regulators and one RTC LDO (internal purpose)
  • One high-speed I2C interface for general-purpose control commands (CTL-I2C)
  • One high-speed I2C interface for SmartReflex Class 3 control and command (SR-I2C)
  • Two enable signals multiplexed with SR-I2C, configurable to control any supply state and processor cores supply voltage
  • Thermal shutdown protection and hot-die detection
  • A real-time clock (RTC) resource with:
  • Oscillator for 32.768-kHz crystal or 32-kHz built-in RC oscillator
  • Date, time and calendar
  • Alarm capability
  • One configurable GPIO
  • DC-DC switching synchronization through internal or external 3-MHz clock
  • Only 15uA consumption in OFF mode