Analog to Digital Converter Type 3 FAQ for C2000

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This page contains a list of frequently asked questions for ADC module type 3 on C2000 devices. The ADC type 3 module is found on Piccolo 2802x and 2803x devices. Compared to previous ADC modules, type 3 has a different control register interface, converts from 0 to 3.3 V fixed scale range and supports ratiometric VREFHI/VREFLO references.

Electrical Specifications

Electrical specifications can change between devices, peripheral types and device families. Always refer to the data manual and errata for a particular device for Electrical Specifications.

ADC Type Summary

The following table summarizes the different type of ADC modules found on C28x devices.

C2000 ADC Module Types
Original C28x ADC module
TMS320x281x Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Reference Guide (spru060)
Added Offset Trim and Reference Select registers
2801, 2802, 2806, 2808, 2809, 28015, 28016, 28044
TMS320x280x 2801x, 2804x Analog-to-Digital Converter(ADC) Module Reference Guide (spru716)
Added Internal/External Trim registers
Trim by Device_cal() function call
2833x, 2834x
TMS320x2833x, 2823x Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Module Reference Guide (spru812)
Different control register interface, converts from 0 to 3.3 V fixed scale range, supports ratiometric VREFHI/VREFLO references
2802x, 2803x

TMS320x2802x, 2803 Piccolo Analog-to-Digital Converter and Comparator Ref. Guide (spruge5)

TMS320x2806x Piccolo Technical Reference Guide (SPRUH18)

Frequently asked questions for ADC Type 3