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Avalanche Victim Seeker

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The idea

Our idea for a great Chronos project is an avalanche victim seeker, which uses the 3-Axis accelerometer to check if the victim is still alive, the temperature of the body and we want to detect the distance and the direction of the body. The heart rate and the altitude were two more points for data to transmit. Unfortunately we were not able to start the transmission between two Chronos watches. The code is like the RFID program, but we only use the Chronos for it and so you don't need any other equipment.

Safety utilities are always welcome and we wanted to create a famous new toy for all people who are in danger to get lost. You can also use this item for climbing, biking and so on.

Alternative Project

After we got to know we will not get the two Chronos' to talk to each other (just one weekend to go), we did a brainstorming and got another nice idea, so have a look at our Chronosgame Timekiller!


  • Gerrit Lueck
  • Tobias Waschek