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Beagle Board Challenge:HES

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Pre-Launch Questions

Group HES

  • Beagle Board Setup
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  • Beagle Board Intro
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  • Beagle Board Demo
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Group Description

Zahidul Haq: 3rd Year Junior, technical area: embedded systems Ozair Khan: 3rd Year Junior, technical area: renewable energy

What do you hope to gain by participating in this challenge?

Enhancing our understanding of Linux, and testing our own abilities while hopefully learning something along the way. Most importantly, earn a Co-op with TI...

IRC #beagle HES(Zahidul), ozairk(Ozair)

Where are you located, and what hours do you tend to work?

Zahidul Haq: Wylie, TX; daytime Ozair Khan: Houston, TX; evening

What is your project?

Home Entertainment System

Project Description


Basic Premise - Interface remote control to beagleboard, and then use remote control to access internet multimedia content in a user-friendly way.

Setup: -HARDWARE: Using BeagleBoard Rev C4 and standard peripherals and interconnections -SOFTWARE: Using angstrom distribution demo image from and the matrix_gui application that comes installed -NETWORK: Ethernet for fast internet access. -Currently using VNC on windows vista sharing keyboard, mouse, display:

    1. have both connected to internet
    2. get ip address of both systems and test ping
    3. run vncviewer on BB: >x11vnc then on vista.


  1. learn about linux
  2. tutorials on qt
  3. build remote interface hardware
  4. write software for interfacing
  5. enhanced functionality: better software for user-friendliness, wireless radio interface


  • changed matrix_gui html files but could not modify web address: defaults to

-plan to use script to call another browser,i.e. firefox Reference: [1]

  • YouTube videos doesnt work, still waiting for TI to send me the flash plugin for OMAP3530
  • Still working on IR receiver interfacing: looking for a good reciever
  • S-video output is cropped, could be fixed, but using other video source due to limited resources
-instructed to change Xconfig to fix TV overscan of S-Video output

Project Scope

We have a big learning curve; however, we feel we can pull it off if we can work diligently.

We are ECE students in the 3rd years of our studies at UT Austin, and have a wide range of experiences among the 2 of us.

What license(s) does your project use?

For code written for this project, we will use Qt development tools. When the project is based on an existing open source package, the license of that package will be used.


  • zahidul3 at
  • ozairbkhan at


  • Remote Control of BeagleBoard
  • Internet Accessibility
  • User-friendly interface

Pictures & Videos

Video your design working and upload to YouTube with link here:

Videos can be embedded directly into the wiki using the EmbedVideoPlus extension. For documentation on this extension, please see

Usage Instructions

We used a 9S12DP512 to interface the IR receiver and transmitter using the input capture feature of the microcontroller. There are many other ways to decode the IR signals, this was the easiest way since we are most familiar with this microcontroller. There is also a bug in the beagleboard code. Although algorithmically it made sense to me, I tried countless hours trying to debug the C code. The beagleboard senses the right button presses but sometimes outputs the wrong, unintended matrix_gui image. Also send me any suggestions as to how to optimize and make the system run faster.

Source Code

  • Please upload all source and project files. Source code and be uploaded directly to the wiki, but larger projects may benefit from being posted externally on sites like or
  • C Code for testing LED interfacing:

1. [LEDS.pdf]

  • The Real Deal

2. [BeagleBoardCode:HES]

3. [BeagleBoardCode:HES]

4. [BeagleBoardCode:HES]

5. [MicrocontrollerCode:HES]


To Be Uploaded!