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The Beagle Board Open Source Challenge from Texas Instruments (TI) is a contest that offers University of Texas at Austin (UT) students the opportunity to implement an innovative idea on an ARM Cortex-A8 processor-based system in the form of a practical application. Students will be given some mentorship assistance by TI engineers as well as learning to interact with other developers in the open source community that has gathered around the BeagleBoard. Each team entered in the challenge will also receive a free BeagleBoard and a chance at some great prizes, co-op/full-time positions at TI, and notoriety in some of the most popular online publications. Students will also be able to grow their open source reputation by releasing their sources for the use and benefit of all.

Project Submissions

Click the project name to visit the home page of the project and learn all about what the team accomplished.

Project Name Description Team Members
Virtual Presence Device
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We've all had that urge.
That urge to be in two places at the same time.
We intend to bring a solution~
A wirelessly controlled telepresence car!!
Andrew Coles; Ang Li;
Lianfei Shan;
Visual description
A small box that offers audio input/output and looping features.
We will focus on a simple interface that allows for
easy on-the-fly music production.
Joseph Tessler; Elliot Kramer
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An automated light controller for synchronising lights with music.
Craig Yeh; Chao Zhang; Doug Ilijev; Kurt Sherer
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Modular video acquisition and processing platform for R/C aerial vehicles.
Kyle Miller; Harrison Pham; Alex Santos; Christopher Wiley
BeagleBoard fits in case
A portable multipurpose entertainment system and prototyping platform that uses the beagleboard as a drop in processing element.
Jake Bailey, Christopher Cargill
Beagle Phone Locator
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Provides user a way to locate their phone in absence of a second phone
Jack Yen, Rebecca Le, Larry Zhao, Oliver Zhou
Beagle Scan
3D scanner
3D object reconstruction and terrain mapping using a laser range finder.
Brandon Rosas
Home Entertainment System
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Interface Internet multimedia to home television system.
Zahidul Haq, Ozair Khan
Smart Pill Box
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Portable pill box to ensure Alzheimer's patients actually take their medicine. The BeagleBoard is interfaced with a camera that requires the patient to provide visual proof that he/she took the medication at the correct time before the reminder stops.
Jackie Leverett, Zach Wasson
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BeagleBoard DSP Framework
Dan Zhang, Jenny Huynh

Other Project Concepts

Project Name Description Team Members
Visual Traffic Device GPS directional device that bases routes on traffic signals rather than only distance Anthony Lee, Chris Stoos
BeagleDVR DVR capabilities for the beagleboard using a usb TV tuner and external hard drive. Brian Leipprandt, Christopher Russell
PoMP Portable device that interfaces music and video using software, instruments, and the performer's movement. Nicolas Chaim, Boris Jonica, Josue Roman
Beagle Phone Provides a keypad that allows user to dial any phone via network Jack Yen, Larry Zhao, Oliver Zhou, Rebecca Le
Oscilloscope/logic analyzer A handy tool for testing and monitoring analog and digital signals. David Wahler (dwahler on Freenode)
Media Extender For when you don't want a big, noisy HTPC sitting in your living room. Timothy Van Ruitenbeek
BeagleGuard A portable security device that actively protects tagged objects within a range. Karthik Choutagunta, Ryan Pang
BeagleProbe A multipurpose device that will aggregate common functions that electronic hobbyists commonly use. Examples include measuring the values of various through-hole components, voltage and current measurement, generating and analyzing signals, etc... Cruz Monrreal II, Mohit Taneja, Razik Ahmed
BeagleCruiser A portable device that integrates media, information and your vehicle. Michael Porras, John Ruiz
Active World Enhancer Simply known as A.W.E., a device meant to make your world come to life as you walk in, and activate different segments based on voice commands and potentially hand gestures. Vyash Puliyadi
Hajime No Beagle: The Lighting Spirit A device that will analyze any music audio file and create a synchronized light show with the music using Christmas lights. Gilberto Cardenas,
Steven Fontinelle


  • Voting period is January 27th through February 10th

Participating in the BeagleBoard Challenge

If you want to participate, all you need to do is show up to our Info session on campus, Monday September 20th (details below). Participants will create a new design using the BeagleBoard(which will be provided for FREE) and post it online by January 26, 2011. The winners will be selected by online voting worldwide so really market your design and make it as appealing as possible. Video demos and pictures will go a long way!

There are no restrictions on the kind of design you create. Everything is a valid entry as long as you provide the source code and any design files needed. For some inspiration, check out the list of registered projects, entries in previous contests, and the mentored Google Summer of Code projects and ideas for projects. With all of the capabilities of the BeagleBoard, your only limitation is your imagination.

Check out the link and read the below.


  1. Participants must be an active UT Austin student during Fall of 2010
  2. Designs must be based on the BeagleBoard.
  3. If external components are necessary, use TI components where possible
  4. Entries must be posted in the project submissions section of this wiki
    1. Must include all design files and source code
    2. Video Demo Required (Embedded YouTube)
    3. Use this design template entry as starting point
  5. Teams of 4 or smaller
  6. Designs must be posted on the Wiki by January 26th, 2011
  7. Judging will be world wide and based on 'Best Design' (People's Choice)


  • Grand Prize: $3000 cash (for the winning team)
  • Honorable Mention: An Archos5 Internet Tablet (for each winning team member)
  • All teams participating will receive a FREE BeagleBoard
  • Potential Employment (New Hire or Co-Op based on TI Panel)
  • Potential for contributed articles in top online tech publications


  • September 20th - BeagleBoard Challenge introduction and info session
    • UT Austin, RLM 5.116 at 7pm
    • Topics: Meet with TI experts, learn contest rules, and discuss project ideas
  • October 4th - BeagleBoard Workshop
    • At this workshop, you will receive your free BeagleBoard and will receive helpful hands-on instructions on how to get started hacking your Board.
    • Time and Location TBD
  • November 15 - "Working With and Building the BeagleBoard"
    • UT Austin, ENS 637 at 7:30pm
  • November 29 - "Adding your project to OpenEmbedded"
    • UT Austin, ENS 637 at 7:00pm
  • Weekly mentoring calls
    • Mondays at 7pm CST
    • Dial 877-561-6828 passcode 54043628#
    • Browse to and log in to #beagle on
  • January 26th - Submissions due and voting starts via InfoLink


  • Q: I don't want to share my prize. Does everyone on the team get a prize?
    • A: The winning gets $3000 total and may split it up however they see fit. For the Honorable Mention each team member will receive an Archos5 Internet Tablet
  • Q: I didn't go to N years of engineering/computer science school to have to work with people. Do I have to be on a team?
    • A: No, individual entries are ok.
  • Q: I couldn't make it to the workshop session, can I still get a free BeagleBoard?
  • Q: I'm stuck and need technical help. Where can I ask a question?
  • Q: How can I find team members to join up with?
    • A: Show up to the first info session 9/20 and build your team or contact Stephanie for suggestions on teams that may need additional members.
  • Q: Where can I find the hands-on training materials.