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Building MFP without XDC

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Since their initial releases, the Multimedia Framework Products (MFP) have been provided pre-built and consumable as XDC packages. With the increase in toolchain diversity and interest in removing the XDC dependency, recent releases include classic makefiles that are additionally provided, initially only for the Linux ARM environment. This document describes the steps required to rebuild MFP without XDC tools, and limitations of that approach.


MFP satisfies many customer use cases in many different build environments. To cater to those environments where XDC config is preferred, MFP continues to be provided as rebuildable XDC packages.

In addition, to address the use cases described above, makefiles are provided in each of the MFP packages that enable building without the XDC tools.

Beginning with Codec Engine 3.21.02 and Framework Components 3.21.03 (and CE 3.22/FC 3.22 and newer), classic GNU makefiles (named makefile_v5T) are provided at the top of the product. These particular makefiles use dependencies defined in a file named products.mak to build the MFP libraries. The libraries are built into a newly created lib/ subdirectory, which users can place on their linker path.

Build Instructions

Edit products.mak, setting the various *_INSTALL_DIR and *_V5T variables.

To clean:

  • make -f makefile_v5T clean

To build:

  • make -f makefile_v5T

As described above, the libraries are generated in a new lib/ directory.


Note that if you're using the 'full' releases (with fctools/cetools, you can use the DEPOT variable to point at the redistributed products like this:

FC_INSTALL_DIR = ~/downloads/framework_components_$(VERSION)




An example for consuming the MFP libraries without XDC tools is provided in the Codec Engine product - see examples/ti/sdo/ce/examples/apps/rtcfg.


Note that, when building without the XDC tools, the libraries are no longer treated as XDC packages, and therefore cannot be consumed/configured with the XDC tools. You can still consume the prebuilt libraries (in the packages/ directory) as XDC packages.