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Burn any image to NOR flash

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Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

This recipe assumes that u-boot is working. If u-boot is not working, please link a different recipe here.

Say, image.bin has to burned to 0x02300000

Get get into ram 
   Davinici EVM # tftp 0x80700000 image.bin
tftp sets a variable filesize with filesize

Erase the blocks required to hold filesystem 
   Davinici EVM # protect off 0x02300000 +0x$(filesize)
   Davinici EVM # erase 0x02300000 +0x$(filesize)

Copy filesystem to flash
   Davinici EVM # cp.b 0x80700000 0x02300000 0x$(filesize)

Write Protect the flash
   Davinici EVM # protect on 0x02300000 +0x$(filesize)

The above receipe is working when the NOR flash is AMD 29LV256M. The following steps works well for INTEL 28F128P30T.

getting the image.bin step is same.
protect off <anything typed> results in usage message. This is not required at all for above said INTEL NOR Flash model. This may confuse the user.
erase step is required
copy step required
protect on step not required.
I suppose the flash does not support protection.