C2000 Known Collateral Issues

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Selected issues or enhancement requests for C2000 collateral is being pushed to a database for customers to search and track. This currently includes Hardware Kits, Kit documentation and software libraries. This Wiki article describes how to access the database.

Accessing the Database

To view the known issues and enhancement requests, do the following:

  1. Go to the URL: https://cqweb.ext.ti.com/pages/SDO-Web.html
  2. Click on "Customer Login"
  3. Login using "readonly" as both the username and password. i.e.
    • Username: readonly
    • Password: readonly
  4. Navigate through the public queries to the C2000 list under Microcontrollers.

    ::Bugzilla customer2.jpg

  5. Select the kit or package you would like to view. A list of known issues will open in the window to the right. Then click on any issue to get more information.
  6. If the bug number (ID) is known, you can also search by the ID.