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C2000 One-Day Workshop

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The C2000™ One-Day Workshop is a hands-on technical course facilitated by qualified Texas Instruments' instructors. Providing the optimal solution for high performance control, the F2837xD features a dual-core microcontroller with integrated analog subsystems and communications interfaces into a single device. This workshop steps the user through an architectural overview, the programming development environment, system initialization, the analog subsystem, control peripherals, and inter-processor communications (IPC).

Each lab exercise builds on the previous lab exercise, running a common application theme throughout the workshop. The lab exercises are performed using the F28379D LaunchPad development kit. This kit provides access to many of the F28379D device signals and peripherals. Functionality of the LaunchPad can be expanded using BoosterPack plug-in modules. BoosterPack plug-in modules are an ecosystem of plug-in boards that enable further application development. The LaunchPad features on-board USB JTAG emulation, which is fully powered from the USB connection and does not require an external power supply.

Workshop Outline

  1. Workshop Introduction
  2. Architectural Overview
  3. Programming Development Environment <Lab: Using Code Composer Studio with the F2837xD>
  4. Reset, Interrupts and System Initialization
  5. Analog Subsystem <Lab: Configuring the ADC as a data acquisition system>
  6. Control Peripherals <Lab: Generating a PWM waveform>
  7. Inter-Processor Communications (IPC) <Lab: Data transfer using Inter-Processor Communications>
  8. Support Resources

Attend a Live Workshop

Please contact your local Texas Instruments representative.

On-Line Version of this Workshop

You can view the on-line version of this workshop here: C2000 On-Line One-Day Workshop

Running The Labs

In order to run the labs, you will need:

NOTE: Your CCS installation must include the following options in each category:
• Processor Support – select “C2000 32-bit Real-time MCUs”
• Select Emulators – choose “XDS100 Class Emulator Support”

Workshop Materials - Revision 2.0