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Welcome to the C2000™ Solar Workshop Wiki Page.

With increasing demand for electrical power and depletion of the world's energy resources, power extraction from renewable sources such as solar and wind is gaining interest. This 1-day hands-on workshop covers the design and implementation of digitally controlled solar inverters using the C2000 microcontroller. The workshop is hands on training material and is aimed for people new or old to C2000 microcontrollers and new to Solar Energy Applications.

The workshop uses the Solar Explorer Kit with a Texas Instruments' Piccolo™ F28035 controller, from the C2000 family of microcontrollers, to implement a Photo-Voltaic inverter.

Workshop Modules

The workshop begins with an overview of C2000 controller architecture and a brief introduction to the programming environment i.e. Code Composer Studio. This is followed by introduction to Photo-Voltaic (PV) systems and their applications. Key challenges in PV system design such as maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and phase locked loops (PLL) are discussed. This is followed by description of the Solar Explorer kit which is a low voltage platform that enables developers to experiment with different PV application scenarios. This kit is then used to illustrate the control schemes and algorithms used in design of various PV applications such as DC-DC (solar street lighting, battery charging) and DC-AC application (grid-connected inverters, off-grid inverters).

The workshop material enables the user to understand the challenges in designing a PV Inverter and how the C2000 MCU is well suited for Solar Power Conversion Applications and how the software libraries can enable the customer get a jump start on the product design.

The workshop is divided into the following modules

Module 1

1. C28x controller overview

Lab1: Intro to CCS and C28x peripheral programming structure.

Module 2

2. Introduction to PV System
3. Solar Explorer Kit Overview

Lab2: PV Characteristics and MPPT

Module 3

4. Solar Explorer Kit Contd...
5. Software: Digital Power Library, Solar Library, Software Framework

Lab3: PV Inverter System

Module 4

6. Solar HV Kit

Workshop Requirements

Requirement for running the solar workshop are:

  1. Solar Explorer Kit (TMDSSOLARPEXPKIT)
  2. Computer with CCSv5 installed
  3. Workshop Software Package

Solar Explorer Kit

The solar explorer kit, is a low voltage development board that illustrates PV energy system design using the C2000 controller.

::SolarExplorer BlockDiagram.png SolarExplorer_Board.jpg

The kit can be ordered from the webpage [1]. The workshop goes over the different power stages on the kit an how they can be used for different PV system design.

Code Composer Studio V5

Code Composer Studio (CCS) is the integrated development environment used for software development with C2000 devices. If not already installed you can download CCSv5 from the Code Composer Studio download wiki page where a free version of CCS is available with code size limitation. To speed up the installation you may choose to select a custom install with C2000 support selected, also select support for XDS100 drivers when selecting the components to be installed. If the appropriate selection is not done the user may have to re-install CCS as the workshop project will fail to import on the machine.

For additional Code Composer Studio V5 training, refer to the CCSv5 Fundamentals Workshop.

Workshop Software Package

Once the above two requirements have been met, download and unzip the Workshop Application Code (.zip file), in a convenient location on the computer. The zip package is a standalone package with all the necessary files needed to run the workshop. It is recommended to unzip the file under C:/TI, the unzipped folder will look as follows

-> device support Contains header files and other supporting files needed to program the controller
-> libs Contains libraries such as Solar Library, Digital Power Library, IQMath Library, SGEN Library
-> workshops
-> SolarWorkshop
-> ~Docs Solar Explorer Hardware Guide, Lab Manual for Lab 1, Lab2 and Lab 3
-> ToggleLED CCS Project for Lab 1
-> PVInverter_F2803x CCS Project for Lab 2 and 3

Module Slides

The software and slides for the different modules are available for download from the links below:

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