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CC13xx CC26xx driverlib

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The CC13xx CC26xx driverlib package contains the low level register and device access functions for peripherals and hardware modules on the SimpleLink CC13xx and CC26xx Wireless MCUs. The package is part of the CC13xx and CC26xx SDKs.

Note! Please visit CC13xxWare and CC26xxWare for information about earlier releases of this package.


The driverlib package contains the following components:

  • driverlib: This is the low level peripheral library for simplified access to all modules on the CC13xx and CC26xx devices. In addition to defining all the hardware registers and bit masks, it contains functions for configuration and controlling of modules like the ADC, GPIO, I2C, SSI, UART, DMA, Timers, and the system controller. Driverlib comes with an extensive HTML documentation showing how to use the driverlib to operate the peripherals on the device.
  • Radio firmware: Radio firmware for configuring the radio core.
  • Startup files: Default startup files needed for the device to boot correctly.
  • Linker files: Default linker files for Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, Keil MDK-ARM and for GCC tool chain.

The firmware is written in C (C99) to make development and deployment efficient and easy. The use of compiler specific intrinsic functions and directives (pragmas) is limited to a minimum to support a wide variety of compilers and software development tools. The code is provided in source code and is licensed under a TI BSD open source software license.


This section lists the release notes of all versions of CC13xxWare.