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The CC2530ZNP-Mini Kit is an updated version of the EZ430-RF2480 that uses the Zigbee Network Processor (ZNP) firmware on the CC2530 system on chip(SoC). The CC2530ZNP allows you to separate the zigbee stack from the applications processor, enabling a faster time to market.

CC2530ZNP mini kit content small.jpg

What is the CC2530ZNP?

The ZigBee Network Processor(ZNP) is designed to give a easy way to add ZigBee connectivity to existing systems. It allows existing applications to add a serial interface to a ZigBee processor that takes care of all protocol handling of the ZigBee communication.

The figure below illustrates how an application processor can be connected to the CC2530 SoC based ZNP to obtain ZigBee connectivity. The Application Processor describes the Processor/MCU that is running the application code, which is using the CC2530-ZNP API over the UART/SPI/USB interface to communicate with the ZNP, which is running the full Z-Stack and hence provides the ZigBee connectivity with its IEEE 802.15.4 radio

ZNP Application interface.jpg

For more technical details regarding the usage of the Z-Stack in general (partially also applicable for the ZNP) please see the Z-Stack documentation, where one should start with the Z-Stack Developer's Guide. The details of the ZNP interface are described in the CC2530ZNP Interface Specification.

The ZNP mini-kit allows easy testing and prototyping of simple ZigBee applications. The sample applications includes tutorial for setting up networks using the ZigBee protocols. Due to the limited RAM and code size of the MSP430 on the ZNP-mini kit it is not intended to be used for ZigBee applications with profile support like ZigBee Smart Energy(SE) or ZigBee Home Automation(HA). If you want to want to develop applications with ZigBee profile support please see this application note Creating a ZigBee® Smart Energy Device with the MSP430F54xx and the CC2530-ZNP

Changes from RF2480 to CC2530ZNP

The ZigBee Network Processor for CC2530 includes the same functionality as the CC2480 with a few notable differences:

  • The network processor is a SW image on the CC2530 device, allows upgrade to future ZigBee extensions
  • The source code for the network processor is provided as a sample code in the Z-Stack software package
  • The network processor code is flexible to allow support of custom configurations
  • Support for both non-secure and secure ZigBee communication
  • SW stack support for RF Front-End devices CC2590 and CC2591
  • Small 6x6mm package
  • No need for 8051 compiler for standard networks

Changes from EZ430-RF2480 kit to CC2530ZNP Mini Kit

  • No-cost PCB antenna with long range
  • Added accelerometer to support cool applications
  • 30+ Simple and educational software examples for MSP430 with complete documentation. Most of the examples are optimized to below 4K of code to allow use of the free IAR kickstart compiler. IAR MSP430 compiler link


The CC2530ZDK-ZNP-MINI comes with many examples to help you get up and going, including:

  • Hardware Interface - exercising the basic hardware on the board
  • MSP430 to CC2530ZNP communications - interfacing with the CC2530ZNP
  • Communications - sending/receiving packets between two CC2530ZNPs
  • Simple Applications - simple examples of how to use the CC2530ZNP in an application

Tutorial on the Examples

More Information

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