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CC2540 Data Throughput

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CC2540 Data Throughput

This is example modification of CC2540 SimpleBLEPeripheral application to measure user data throughput. Initial testing shows we can reach 5.9K bytes per second. This is using a 10ms connection interval and 20 user data bytes sent in GATT notifications. 4 notifications are sent every 7ms, based on an OSAL timer. When sending the notifications, a check is made to see if a buffer is available. In all, 1000 notifications are sent. This is 20K bytes, which are sent over 3.35 seconds.

The project is configured to send a burst of 1000 packets with 20 bytes of data in each one when the left button is pushed on the CC2540 MiniDK keyfob.

Zip File

The Zip file contains a Frontline BPA500 sniffer capture and the modified SimpleBLEPeripheral.c source file.

You must add

#define SBP_BURST_EVT                0x0008

to the simpleBLEPeripheral.h file in order to compile this new project in the standard SimpleBLEPeripheral project.

File:Cc2540 throughput 10ms 20byte - Zip file link

Sniffer Screen Shot

Cc2540 throughput 10ms 20byte notify.jpg