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Bluetooth Low Energy Main Page

Application Examples


Embedded - Applications (BLEv1.4.1 / BLEv1.4.2 source)

Embedded - Applications (BLEv1.4.0 source)

Embedded - Applications (BLEv1.3 source)

Embedded - Applications (BLEv1.2.1 source)

  • BLE Stack Sample Applications - The sample applications that are included in the BLE stack installer
  • BLE-RC-Car - BLE Remote Controlled Car Demo (Including iPhone 4S Application Source Code)
  • 128-bit UUID - Implementation of SimpleBLECentral and SimpleBLEPeripheral using 128-bit UUID's
  • DataThroughput - Send data at 5.9K per second. Sniffer capture file included.
  • DeviceNameWrite
  • SerialApp - Send data over UART. PC#1->SmartRF_Peripheral->SmartRf_Central->PC#2.
  • LowPowerNWP - HostTestRelease with power management using UART. No HW flow control.
  • PeripheralBroadcaster - Peripheral device sending out advertisements while connected.
  • KeyFobDemo Obsolete. Now included in the installer