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CC256x TI Bluetooth Stack HOGPKeyboardDemo App

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Demo Overview

The HID Over GATT Profile (HOGP) allows a user to use HID services over Low Energy.

It is recommended that the user visits the kit setup Getting Started Guide for MSP430 page before trying the application described on this page.

NoteNote: For the Tiva/MSP432/STM32F4 version of this demo, please go to here.

Running the Bluetooth Code

Once the code is flashed, connect the board to a PC using a miniUSB or microUSB cable. Once connected, wait for the driver to install. It will show up as MSP-EXP430F5438 USB - Serial Port (COM x) under Ports (COM & LPT) in the Device manager. Attach a Terminal program like PuTTY to the serial port x for the board. The serial parameters to use are 9600 Baud, 8, n, 1. Once connected, reset the device using Reset S3 button located next to the mini USB connector and you should see the stack getting initialized on the terminal and the help screen will be displayed, which shows all of the commands.

Demo Application

This section provides a description of how to use the demo application to connect to and use HID services over Bluetooth Low Energy. For our test case, we use a Microsoft Surface as the device we are connecting to.

1) Get the device up and running using the steps under running the Bluetooth Code section. The MSP430 should look like this.

SS1 MSP430 HOGP 1.jpg

2) The display shows a virtual keyboard that can be navigated using the SW2 and a key can be selected using the S1/S2 keys.

3) From the Remote device, intiate a connection using the Bluetooth settings. Look for a device named HOGPKeyboardDemo and select to begin pairing.

4) The device will display a passcode on the screen. Enter the same passcode, navigating using the SW2 button and entering the numbers using the S1/S2 keys.

5) The devices should be paired and connected now. Open a text editor and begin typing using the display.

6) Other Miscellaneous commands: The following are the special keys on the keyboard.

a) The SPACE key leaves a space between characters.

b) The TAB key leaves a tab space between characters.

c) The CAPS lock toggles between small letters/numbers and Big Letter/Characters.

d) The ENTER is used to start a new line.

e) The BACK is for backspace.

f) The INCR, DECR change the display battery level.

g) NUMLCK toggles Num-lock ON and OFF.

h) The DISC key disconnects the MSP430 from the remote device.