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Bluetooth Low Energy Main Page

Application Examples

Archival Notice: This page and related examples are now archived and no longer maintained by TI. For the latest examples, please visit the TI SimpleLink GitHub page. See the GitHub BLE FAQ for how to use TI SimpleLink GitHub projects with the BLE-Stack SDK.


This page contains additional embedded firmware examples, demos and step by step guides for Bluetooth low energy (BLE) applications on the CC2650/CC2640 wireless MCU.
These examples and guides are made to supplement those found in the BLE-Stack SDK and the CC2640/CC2650 Software Developer's Guide and show advanced capabilities of the SimpleLink CC2640.
Not all guides have been ported to the latest BLE-Stack v2.x SDK release, they are organized by release version below.

Embedded - Applications (BLEv2.02.00.31)

Additional sample applications for BLE-Stack SDK v2.02.00.31 (and beyond) are contained on the SimpleLink GitHub Page Please see the GitHub page for more information on how these examples work. Links to the popular examples are listed below for convenience:

Embedded - Applications (BLEv2.01.xx.xxxx)

Most sample applications for BLEv2.1.x have been moved to the SimpleLink GitHub Page-2.1 Branch, the ones that haven't been ported are listed below.