CC26xx Integrated Baluns

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There are currently two integrated baluns available for the CC26xx devices, one from Johanson Technology and one from Murata. These are both designed to work with the radio in differential, internal bias mode.

Both baluns have the same 6-pin 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm package, but there is a small difference in pin-out. Pin 2 on the Murata balun must be connected to ground, whereas pin 2 on the Johanson balun should be unconnected. The reference designs are more or less identical, but reflects the difference on pin 2. The Johanson Technology design is found here, and the Murata reference design which is found here. It is also possible to make a design that will work with both baluns if a zero-ohm connector is placed between pin 2 and ground.

The Johanson Technology balun is also available as an AES-Q200 automotive grade version.

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