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This document provides overview of the CC3000 Device. In addition, it highlights the development tools and resources TI provides to make development with CC3000 easy. Please take time to review the CC3000's wiki to understand the available resources for CC3000 development.

Simplelink Overview
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Simplelink Product Family Overview


The SimpleLink CC3000 Wi-Fi solution is provided as a module. The aim is to reduce development time, lower manufacturing costs, save board space, ease certification, and minimize the amount of RF expertise required. Additionally it is provided as a complete platform solution including software drivers, sample applications, an API guide, user documentation and a world-class support community.

User guides and platform information will be on this page with more information on the CC3000's wiki.
If you have just purchased a new kit, be sure to review the wiki first in order to understand how to take full advantage of CC3000's functionality.

Features' Highlights

SimpleLink™ CC3000 Wi-Fi is a self-contained wireless Wi-Fi solution that simplifies the process of implementing internet connectivity. CC3000 minimizes host microcontroller (MCU) software requirements, thus it is the ideal solution for embedded applications using any low-cost/low-power MCU.

CC3000 block diagram.png

Some of its key features include

  1. Wireless network processor
    • IEEE 802.11 b/g ( 2.4GHz)
    • Embedded IPv4 TCP/IP stack
  2. Best-in-class radio performance
    • TX power: +18.0 dBm at 11 Mbps, CCK
    • RX sensitivity: –88 dBm, 8% PER, 11 Mbps
  3. Works with low MIPS and low-cost MCUs with compact memory footprint
    • Small code size (Flash and RAM) required for MCU
  4. FCC, IC, CE and TELEC certified reference design with a chip antenna
  5. Integrated crystal and power management
  6. Small form factor
    • 16.3 mm × 13.5 mm × 2 mm
  7. Operating temperature: –20°C to 70°C
  8. SmartConfig technology enables simple Wi-Fi configuration using a smartphone, tablet or PC
  9. Proven Wi-Fi interoperability; based on TI’s seventh generation of proven Wi-Fi solutions
  10. Complete platform solution including user and porting guides, API guide, sample applications, and support community

TI's Offering: Development Tools

CC3000 Module

The SimpleLink CC3000 Wi-Fi solution is provided as a module in order to reduce development time.
This will benefit the user by allowing

  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Mininal board space
  • Ease of certification
  • Minimum RF expertise required

Stand-alone EM boards are available through TI-estore and our distributors such as Arrow, Avnet, Digi-Key and Mouser

CC3000 Specifications
CC3000's Characteristics
Standards 802.11 b/g, BSS Station
Wi-Fi Security Modes WEP, WPA/WPA2 (AES and TKIP – Personal)
Embedded Wi-Fi TCP/IP stack (IPv4 – DHCP client, DNS, mDNS, ARP),
Wi-Fi driver, security supplicant, Auto-calibrated radio
Required Code size As low as 5KB Flash & 360B RAM
Host Interface SPI at 16MHz
Power Modes Active Mode (92mA typ RX current),
Shutdown Mode (<5uA)
Power Supply 2.9V – 4.8V
I/O Voltage 1.8V – 3.6V
Connections 4 Sockets (UDP or TCP)
Throughput (TCP) ~4 Mbps*

Note This was measured for CC3000, when combined with MSP430FR5739

Headless Configuration SmartConfig™ Technology

CC3000 Wi-Fi TI Platforms

TI offers a complete development solution which combines the CC3000 evaluation module with various MCU's platforms. This solution also includes software drivers, sample applications, an API guide, user documentation and a world-class support community.
We currently support various low power microcontrollers, such as MSP430™ FRAM, Stellaris®, and C2000™.

NoteNote: Guidelines are available for users who would like to port CC3000 with other MCUs platforms, within this host driver porting guide.

All the supported platforms demonstrate the various features and capabilities of the CC3000; which will enable a rapid integration and development.

Software Enhancements

Smart Config

Simplest Wi-Fi configuration scheme

TI now makes connecting CC3000 to an Access Point even easier with Smart Config™ technology.
CC3000 Smart Config™ technology is a one-step and one-time process to connect a CC3000-enabled device to the home wireless network. This greatly stands apart from other Wi-Fi suppliers who require multiple steps to configure a device onto the network

Service Discovery

Enhance your mobile app experience with easy access to simplelink devices

Multicast DNS service discovery or Zeroconfig allows a client to advertise its service without a centralized server. After connecting to the access point, the CC3000 can provide critical information such as device name, IP, Vendor, and port number.

Applications, Demo, Utilities

TI offers several software packages within the CC3000 download page, for ease of integration and rapid development

  • Patch Programmer is a utility, which updates the CC3000's EEPROM with the latest fixes and new features. It use the CC3000 host driver's API.
  • Sample Applications introduce the user to the CC3000, and provide a foundation for futher developments
  • The demos highlight key capabilities of the CC3000 device.
  • Software development tools such as IAR, and CCS for users who want to evaluate sample code or want to start custom development

Guides for Host Programming

  • Host Driver Porting Guide provides more information on the CC3000 host driver and how to port it to different platforms.
  • Host Programming Guide provides detailed information on the software package available for external microcrontroller, which act as a host processor to the CC3000.
  • CC3000 Doxygen API is an API documentation used to control the CC3000. It is available in Doxygen format


For further information or to ask questions directly to other Engineers, visit the SimpleLink Wi-Fi Forum in the E2E Community.

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