CC3000 Wi-Fi MSP430 FRAM Getting Started Guide Using First Time Config

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Software Installation

Download and install the following software:

  1. CC3000 FRAM Sensor Application: This package contains the required applications and tools to execute this demo: Sensor Application code, CC3000 FRAM Sensor GUI, utilities to flash the MSP430 FRAM device and the MSP430 FRAM USB drivers.

  2. Putty Terminal (Optional): Save the executable file anywhere on your computer. It does not require installation. This is an optional terminal that is used during this demo to view the status information of the Sensor Application, but any other terminal can be used, e.g. Hyperterminal, TeraTerm.

    Cc3000 sensapp installer step.PNG

Setting up the Access Point

Connect the Power Adapter to the Access Point and turn it on using the Power Button. Verify that the Power LED is on and the Wireless LED is blinking. The AP may take approximately 30 seconds to reach an operational state in which you can find it in the Wireless Network list of your computer:

CC3000 TPLink AP Setup.png

Preparing the CC3000 + MSP430 FRAM Boards

Connect the CC3000 EM board to the MSP430 FRAM board as shown below so that the antenna is facing inwards. Apply power to the FRAM board by connecting its USB to your computer. Windows may require installing various USB drivers which are provided in the installation package.

CC3000 MSP430FRAM Setup.png

Exclamation-icon.jpg Note: The power provided by the computer may be limited to 100mA due to the FRAM USB driver settings. If this power limitation occurs, the user can connect the FRAM board to the computer through a powered USB hub such that the power is provided by the USB hub AC adapter.

Programming the FRAM Board

The MSP430 FRAM board in the kit may already come preprogrammed with this demo application. However, It is recommended to use the "Download Sensor App to FRAM" shortcut that it is installed by the sensor application installer to ensure that it is the latest version. In order for the MSP430 Flasher application to download the firmware, the FRAM board drivers msut be successfully installed. Run the shortcut and press on any key to continue, which automatically begins the process of downloading the software as shown in the figure below. The MSP430 Flasher will download the software and restart the MSP430. If all is successfull, LED1 will turn on indicating that WLAN is operational.

Cc3000 sensapp fram download.PNG
Cc3000 sensapp fram download success.PNG

Step 5. Connecting Computer to AP

Connect your computer to the Access Point using either a wireless or wired connection.

CC3000 MSP430FRAM PC AP Setup.png

In Windows 7, when requested to setup the network, select "Connect to the network without setting it up:

Cc3000 getting started connect.png

Please note that the TP-LINK Access Point provided in the kit has a unique SSID, where the last 6 characters of the SSID are the last 6 Alphanumeric
characters of the AP's MAC Address.

CC3000 AP MAC ADDR.png
In the case above, the SSID is TP-LINK_C2D25A.

Exclamation-icon.jpg Firewall software used on the computer could prevent communication from the CC3000 to the GUI. Please disable it if possible.


Using First Time Config

Aside from using automatic configuration, the sensor application also enables a user to perform the association of the CC3000 to an AP using the First Time Configuration mechanism. A WiFi enabled device is required such as a laptop or mobile phone.

  1. Press the S1 button on the FRAM board. If the board was already associated to another Access Point, it will disconnect and LEDs 1-4 will turn off. In all cases, LED8 will turn on and then start blinking, indicating that the First Time Configuration process has started:

    CC3000 MSP430FRAM FirstTime Start.png

  2. Now, check the SSID of your AP. The default name of the AP in the kit is "TP-LINK_XXXXXX", where XXXXXX are the characters of its MAC address. The MAC address can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the AP. In the example below, default name of the AP is "TP-LINK_C2D25A".
    CC3000 AP MAC ADDR.png

  3. From a Wi-Fi enabled device (eg. computer, mobile phone), try to connect to the network XXXYSSID0 (e.g. TTTETP-LINK_C2D25A0). This might need to be done several times until LED8 stops blinking and remains solid. The FRAM board keeps this new setting even if it is restarted. For more detailed description on how to perform this step, you may refer to the CC3000 First Time Configuration Guide.
    Please note that you may change the TTT prefix that is used as a default in the CC3000 Sensor application with another prefix. Details for doing so are available in the Info Page.

    CC3000 FirstTimeConfig Example.png
  4. When the CC3000 has received the First Time Configuration information over the air, LED8 will remain solid on and the CC3000 will attempt to associate using the First Time Configuration information. If it is successful, LEDs 2, 3 and 4 will turn on indicating successfull association, IP address, and server running. If LED2 does not turn on (indicating that it is unable to associate to the AP), please check the First Time Configuration information and that the prefix, SSID Length, SSID and security information is correct to the AP to which you're attempting to connect.
  5. Please note that by default, the Sensor Application uses the prefix TTT. If you wish to perform several First Time Configurations at the same time, it is advisable to change the prefix to the boards using the prfx command in the terminal. For more details on this, please see the FRAM Info page

Establishing the Connection

Once the CC3000+FRAM board receives the association information, LEDs 2 through 4 become solid .

To start the demo, please open the CC3000 FRAM Sensor GUI and select "Skip". The GUI will search the CC3000 on the network and when it is found, a new planet appears on the CC3000 Sensor GUI orbiting the central planet representing the CC3000 device.This may take a few seconds as the CC3000 connects and the GUI searches for the CC3000.

CC3000 MSP430FRAM LED Indications.png

Cc3000 sensapp gui populated.PNG

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