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The CC3000 EM module has been designed with connectors that mate to the Texas Instruments EM interface that is common to many Texas Instruments development platforms. This guide discusses how to connect the CC3000 EM module to a LM4F232H5QD Evaluation Board

CC3000 CortexM4.jpg

Supported Applications

The CC3000 + Stellaris Cortex M4 is supported by the following application:

User Interface

There is a green LED (User LED) that is used to indicate AP connect.
There is a green LED (Power LED) that is used to indicate power status.

Hardware Interface

The CC3000 EM module plugs into the bottom side of the LM4F232H5QD Evaluation Board using connectors J9 and J10.

The board is powered by USD cable via J8.

Alternate Power Supply

Under some conditions the application may be held in reset with the standard power supply configuration. If you notice this issue a solution is to power the EM module separately using a +3.3v wall brick or equivalent. Remove jumper J7 on the CC3000 EM and apply :

  • +3.3Vdc -> J7.2 (CC3000 VCC)
  • GND -> Somewhere on the LM4F232H5QD development board (GND) or the CC3000 EM module.

Stellaris LM4F232H5QD Evaluation Board

Some LM4F232H5QD evaluation boards shipped without the appropriate EM connectors J9 and J10 (TFM-110-02-S-D-A-K). A similar connector can be sourced from Digikey.
TFM-110-02-S-D-WT Welding tabs will need to be removed if this connector is used.

It is recommended to use an external power supply. Boards powered via USB may have a power reset issue.


E2E Community

For further information or to ask questions directly to other Engineers, visit the WLAN Applications Forum in the E2E Community.

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