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TI CC3000 is a new WiFi module for embedded systems. Its Simple Link WiFi solution minimizes MCU software requirements and provides SmartConfigTM technology that allows users to use their smart phones (iPhone / Android phone) to configure WiFi passcodes/SSID in 2 steps: enter passcode, and click start.

Exosite just released an open source project that connects a MSP430FRAM board to the cloud through Texas Instrument’s CC3000 WiFi module. All the source code and pre-compiled binary file can be found at

Getting Started Guide


After following this Quick Start Guide to flash your CC3000 Wi-Fi with MSP430 FRAM with Exosite’s cloud enabled firmware, your device will be able to report sensor data from the many sensors on the device. Data reports every 20 seconds to your Exosite account after the pairing between the device and cloud is established.


  1. User has an iPhone, iPad , other iOS device or Android device to use the SMARTCONFIG utility to set the WiFi network information on the device.
  2. User has already installed CCS v5.3 or can do so on their Windows based computer.

NOTE: Downloading and installing the TI Code Composer tools can take ~15 to 30 minutes depending on internet connection.

Hardware Setup

  1. MSP430 FRAM MSP-EXP430FR5739 Rev 1.1 with jumpers in default position
  2. CC3000 LSResearch TiWi-SL Rev 2 with jumpers in default position
  3. Mini USB connector
  4. Apple iPhone or iPad with iOS 4.3 or later version
  5. WiFi Access Point

Default position.png

NOTE: All jumpers on both MPS-EXP and LSR boards in default positions

Quick Start

  • Open a browser and go to and sign-up for a free account if you don't already have one.
  • On your account, follow the instructions in the Getting Started Guide widget to add your CC3000 MAC address to your account. You will need to enter the MAC address from the sticker on the WiFi module.(IMPORTANT NOTE: If you ever reflash your device, you will need to “re-enable” it through the Device popup on the “Devices” manage page.)
  • Download the “msp430_cc3000_smartconfig” repository as a ZIP file from and extract to a folder of your choosing.
  • Go to the folder “flashtool” and install the flash tool application.
  • Plug your MSP430FRAM+CC3000 kit into your computer via USB.
  • Open Start -> All Programs -> flashtool -> download_cc3000_patch_programmer_driver. Click any key to start the process.


  • LED5 and LED8 will turn on upon completion. If LED1 turns on during this process, please refer to the “Troubleshooting” section below.
  • Open Start -> All Programs -> flashtool -> download_cc3000_patch_programmer_firmware. Press any key to start the process.


  • LED5 and LED8 turn on upon successful completion.
  • To download the Exosite demo binary file through the flashtool, open Start -> All Programs -> flashtool -> download_exosite_demo. (NOTE: For developers wishing to modify source code for their own projects, please see section “Code Composer Studio Environment”).
  • Search for “TI SMARTCONFIG” in the Apple App store on your iOS device. Download and install the app.
  • Run the SMARTCONFIG app on your iOS device and configure the SSID, Password, Gateway IP Address and Device Name. The Device Name should be set to “CC3000”. For additional information about the Smart Config program and setup, refer to .
  • Press S1 until LED6 starts blinking and then press the blue “Start” button on the SMARTCONFIG on the iOS device. It will take approximately 1 minute to connect.


  • When the CC3000 has received the Smart Configuration information, LED6 will remain on and the CC3000 will attempt to associate using the Smart Configuration information. If it is successful, LED1 – LED7 will turn on indicating successful association and IP address. Furthermore, the red “Stop” button on the SMARTCONFIG app will turn back to blue. (NOTE: If there are many WiFi networks that the MSP430 can access, it is sometimes necessary to reset the device and try again.)
  • Verify LED1 through LED 7 all come on. For more information about the LED indicators, see the section “Other Information” below.
  • Verify data is reporting to your account at Navigate back to the “Home” page, and click on the device in the Device list. This view will show you all the data reporting from your device. You can check the communication from the cloud to the device by pressing the “On/Off” switch widget. Check the “Data” page or your dashboard to see this data.

  • Disconnect from your PC and plug it into any 5v mini-USB power connector available!

Additional Information

CC3000 Wi-Fi with MSP430 FRAM Developer guide for Exosite cloud connectivity

Exosite Developer site