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mDNS - multicast DNS service discovery, also known as zeroconfig.

It is an interface being used to announce and query services on the local network.

Using mDNS allows a client to advertise the services of a given host without the direct help of a centralised DNS server.

mDNS protocol can assist with discovering CC3000 characteristic such as device name, vendor, IP, and port number by a remote side after connection to an AP has been established.


Calling mdnsAdvertiser() with a specific device service name will cause the CC3000 to send one mDNS packet to a multicast address and port number.

mDNS port - 5353

mDNS multicast address -

Other devices which listens to the same multicast IP and port can parse the packet and pull out all the CC3000 required information (device name, IP address...) .

CC3000 Host Driver supplies one API to support basic mDNS implementation:

 /* mdnsEnabled - flag to enable/disable the mDNS feature */
 /* deviceServiceName - the service name as part of the published canonical domain name */
 /* deviceServiceNameLength - the length of the service name */
 /* return On success, zero is returned, return SOC_ERROR if socket was not opened successfully, or if an error occurred. */
int mdnsAdvertiser(unsigned short mdnsEnabled, char * deviceServiceName, unsigned short deviceServiceNameLength)

IOS & Android mDNS Applications

In order to watch CC3000 mDNS service discovery one of the following applications can be used:

IOS - Discovery, mDNS Watch.

Android - Bonjour Browser, ZeroConf Browser.

These applications are free and available on ITunes Store \ Play Store. 



Basic WiFi Application

Example for mDNS implements in the Basic WiFi Application by using command 0b in the hyper terminal interface.

For more information please refer to our Basic WiFi Application wiki page.

Sensor Application

During the demo run, while CC3000 established TCP connection with the PC and the planet is shown in the GUI, mDNS advertisement packet are being sent from the CC3000 every 30 seconds.

Meaning, during the demo, you can watch the CC3000 mDNS information advertisement  in one of the mentioned above IOS or Android applications.

For more information please refer to our Sensor App wiki page.