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CC3100 & CC3200 Certifications

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RED Update: See here for updates on the Radio Equipment Directive (RED)


With the assurance of Wi-Fi certified interoperability, add low-power Wi-Fi to anything using the CC3100 and CC3200 Internet-on-a-chip™ solutions!

This page describes applicable certification information and process for the TI SimpleLink™ CC3100 & CC3200 devices. There are mainly two parts of certifications:

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Certifications
- Certifications for radio frequency in different regions of the world.
  • Wi-Fi Alliance Certification
- Certifications for Wi-Fi Alliance on end-user products.

For all other certifications not mentioned in this page, please contact the certification agency, or our CC31xx & CC32xx forum.

Radio Certification

Main Article: CC3100 & CC3200 Radio Certifications
This page explains how CC3100 and CC3200 based end products can leverage the radio certification of TI's SimpleLink embedded Wi-Fi devices, CC3100 and C3200.
The radio certifications include FCC, IC, CE, ETSI, and TELEC for CC3100 or CC3200 devices and modules.

WiFi® Certification

Wi-Fi Alliance Logo.png
Main Article: Transfer of Texas Instrument's Wi-Fi® Alliance Certification guide
Please refer to this guide for information on how to leverage TI's CC3100/3200 SimpleLink Wi-Fi Alliance certification for your product.
Website: Wi-Fi Alliance
Wikipedia Article: Wi-Fi Alliance
  • CC3100 Module Certification ID: WFA56525, Date: Sept 30, 2014
  • CC3200 Module Certification ID: WFA56530, Date: Sept 30, 2014
  • CC3100 QFN Certification ID: WFA56245, Date: Sept 22, 2014
  • CC3200 QFN Certification ID: WFA56257, Date: Sept 22, 2014