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CC3100 & CC3200 Hardware Design Review

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The purpose of Hardware Design Process is to ensure that your board follows the guidelines provided by TI. At the end of this process, if you find your board follows exactly as in checklist, then you can proceed with your design. However in case of concerns, please add the question against the relevant section and submit the completely filled checklist sheet along with your schematics and design files to your TI representative.

Process for Customers

Needed Documents

Select the documents needed, based on the device that you will use in your final solution

Recommended Steps

  1. Additional Reference materials: 
  2. Take TI Reference design ( CC3100 Booster Pack/CC3200 Launch Pad Schematics and layout) and make your schematics
  3. Go through the Schematics Checklist and ensure your design confirms to our guidelines
  4. Use the design files of the BP and LP along with Layout User Guidelines for layout
  5. Go through the layout Checklist and ensure your design confirms to layout guidelines
  6. If you still have questions/concerns on your design, fill all the sheets of this document
  7. Post your question on the Simplelink Wireless E2E forum:

Process for FAEs

  1. Review the information and question submitted by your customers
  2. Search E2E forums for information and try to respond back to your customers at earliest.
  3. Collect the completed Design Review Checklist and schematic from your customers. The Design Review Checklist (available below) is REQUIRED.
  4. Schematics Review: Email to from TI email address
  5. Layout: Please ask customers to copy exactly the reference design. Layout review support is available on specific queries submitted through forum, not of complete layout.

Hardware Design Review Main Documents

Hardware Design Review Checklist

Use this spreadsheet to verify your design, against the latest TI guidelines. CC31xx and CC32xx Hardware Design Review Process

Hardware Design Layout Guidelines

Refer to this document for the latest PCB layout guidelines form TI. CC3100 and CC3200 PCB Layout Guidelines

Main sections of the Hardware Design Review

  • System Block Diagram :   We expect users to put together the complete system block diagram of their use-case; in particular the devices which are interacting with CC3100 or CC3200 through all of its peripheral. This will help us understand your overall system and will be instrumental in answering any queries you have.

  • C3200_PinMux_Plan : Please share PinMux plan you are planning for your product
  • 3100_SchematicChecklist : Say yes/No to each item. If you have query, right next to the section
  • 3200_SchematicChecklist : Say yes/No to each item. If you have query, right next to the section
  • Layout Guidelines  : Please follow the Guidelines, in case of any queries, submit a question on the forum.

Recommended Hardware Debug Process

This application note serves as a guide to debug problems on the CC3X00 QFN based boards. This document ensures that the customer has gone through the schematic checklist, layout guides, board documentation and datasheet before building the boards.

Chinese Design Guide

CC3200 和CC3100 电路板设计重点