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CC3100 & CC3200 Production Line Guide

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Texas Instruments provides a number of resources to assist manufacturers using CC3100 devices (QFNs or modules) produce products quickly and efficiently. From the beginning phases of designing products using these devices, reference design collateral and application notes are available to assist in schematic level design. This includes information about any considerations manufacturers should make in their designs to facilitate efficient manufacturing. During PCB layout development, layout guidelines are given as well. Software and hardware tools have been developed for programming and testing CC3100 devices in the production line. In addition, Over-The-Air programming functionality allows for products to have their software updated periodically even after they have been deployed.

Production Line Guides

Guide Description
CC3100 QFN CC3100 QFN package production line guide
CC3200 QFN CC3200 QFN package production line guide
CC3100MOD CC3100 module production line guide
CC3200MOD CC3200 module production line guide