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CC3100 & CC3200 SimpleLink Add-On Tools

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This page provides instructions for tools that are not developed by TI, but are required in order to utilize some development features on the CC3100 and CC3200 boards.

Board file XDS100v2 on IAR

To supoort XDS100 on IAR.

FTDI Template Flashing

All new boards should already have the correct FTDI templates flashed into the FTDI chips. However, if your board is not recognized, installing the driver from the SDK is not working, or the built-in FTDI template is corrupted, you'll need to flash the FTDI chip again.

HyperTerminal Software Alternatives and Settings

Even though the HyperTerminal software was dropped from Microsoft Windows after the release of Windows Vista, there are many other alternative software solutions you can use to achieve the same thing. Software such as Putty and TeraTerm are probably the most popular ones being used these days due to their simplicity.

Generate self-signed Certificates

Capture NWP Logs

If you have been requested by TI engineers to capture NWP (Network Processor) logs, please follow the instruction in the page and send the log to your TI engineer.

Additional Suggested Tools


Apple iOS based, excellent utility to find out what is connected on your network. Easy app to find all the devices that are connected to your Wifi network in seconds. This app is great for fast and accurate network analysis.

UDP Tools

Apple iOS based, UDP client and server utility. This app provides a simple way of sending and receiving UDP data messages. It is great for testing and designing UDP applications.


Apple iOS based mDNS/Bonjour utility. This app displays Bonjour services available on a local network or on wide are domains. It can be used to debug programs, find computers connected to the network, or find what services are available.

mDNS Watch

Apple iOS based mDNS utility. This is a handy browsing tool of the network services by the multicast DNS technology.