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CC3100 & CC3200 Terminal Setting

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Even though the HyperTerminal software was dropped from Microsoft Windows after the release of Windows Vista, there are many other alternative software solutions you can use to achieve the same thing. Software such as Putty and TeraTerm are probably the most popular ones being used these days due to their simplicity.

Many SDK sample applications use UART serial connection in order to display information on the PC end.

General Setup

CC31xx Emulator Board & CC32xx Launchpad

The FTDI chips used on these boards require the following setting:

Parameter Value
Baud rate 115200
Data bits 8
Stop bits 1
Parity None
Flow Control (Doesn't matter)

MSP430F5529 LP

If using MSP430F5529 LaunchPad as the MCU for the CC31xx Boosterpack, please change the baud rate to 9600 and everything else remains the same as above.

Putty Setup Example

On the left side of the screen and select Connection -> Serial

Putty setting.png

TeraTerm Setup Example

On the menu bar, select Setup -> Serial Port...

Teraterm setting.png

Port Connection

Platform COM Port to connect
CC3200LP Only one port showing, CC3200LP Dual Port
CC31xxEMU BOOST 3rd port in the list (for example, if showing as ports 7-10, then choose 9)
MSP430F5529LP MSP Application UART1