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CC3100 SLS Email Demo Application

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Overview and application details

This sample applications demonstrates how CC3100 can be used to send an email over SMTP. The application configures CC3100 to connect w/ an SMTP server and sends email to it. SMTP server forwards it to the recipient's email-server and the recipient receives the email from his email-server using IMAP/POP3 and/or other proprietary protocol.


NoteNote: This wiki page is only applicable for CC3100-SDK v1.0.0 and upward releases. For documentation on older SDKs' examples, refer corresponding file in <cc3100-sdk-installation-location>\cc3100-sdk\docs\examples\

Email application's sequence

CC3101 Email app sequence.png

  • Client first makes a TCP connection with SMTP server.
  • SMTP server replies back w/ response-code and greeting-message containing FQDN
  • HELO/EHLO – Client sends Hello Message to the server. ESMTP accepts EHLO
  • The SMTP server replies with Code 250 and Hello Message. ESMTP Server replies with SMTP extensions it supports such as Email maximum Size, authentication etc.
  • If SMTP server requires authentication, the client sends “auth login” followed by “Username” and “Password” encoded with proper encryption accepted by SMTP Server.
auth login
334 VXNlcm5hbWU6
  • Client sends "Username" encoded with proper encryption accepted by SMTP server
  • Client sends "Password" encoded with proper encryption accepted by SMTP Server
334 UGFzc3dvcmQ6
  • SMTP server replies with Authentication Success/Failure.
535 Incorrect authentication data/ 235 Authentication Successful
  • SMTP client then sends From-Address
  • SMTP client sends To-Address
  • SMTP client sends DATA command
  • SMTP client sends email data.
  • SMTP server responds with the acknowledgement

Source Files briefly explained

  1. main - Initializes the device, connects to an access-point and configures the email
  2. email - Wrapper functions to connect to SMTP-Server and send the configured email. These functions are called from main
  3. base64 - Functions to convert the raw bytes in quasi-big-endian order to Base64 string


Prerequisite: Internet connectivity is required to work w/ this sample application

  • Open config.h and change values for USER and PASS for setting up the source email.
   CC3100 will try to establish connection w/ this AP when instructed by the user.
   Ensure the access-point has internet connectivity
  • Compile and run the application using Visual-Studio or Eclipse
  • User will be prompted to configure the AP parameters for establishing a Wi-Fi connection
  • Enter 01 to connect to the configured AP
   This is the AP that was configured above
  • Enter 03,<destination email>,<subject> to set the destination e-mail address and subject
  • Enter 04,<message>
  • Enter 05 to send the email
  • On success, below message will be displayed on the console

Limitations/Known Issues

  • The size of the message is currently 64.
  • Subject should be less that 30 characters
  • Destination email should be less that 30 characters.