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CC3100 SLS Getting started with WLAN Station

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Overview and application details

This sample application demonstrates how to start CC3100 in WLAN-Station mode and connect to a Wi-Fi access-point. The application connects to an access-point and pings the gateway. It also checks for an internet connectivity by pinging ""

For information on how to use Visual-Studio or Eclipse to compile and run this application, refer to cc3100_getting_started_guide_swru375 in '<cc3100/>docs' folder.

To use the CC3100 UART interface, define SL_IF_TYPE_UART in the project's property. Change the COMM_PORT_NUM in 'main.c' to first com-port that gets enumerated for 'J6' of 'CC31xxEMUBOOST Brd'. In case four ports are getting enumurated user should use the third com-port.

NoteNote: This wiki page is only applicable for CC3100-SDK v1.0.0 and upward releases. For documentation on older SDKs' examples, refer corresponding file in <cc3100-sdk-installation-location>\cc3100-sdk\docs\examples\

Source Files briefly explained

i. main - Initializes the device, connects to a AP and verifies the connection status


  • Build and launch the project using VS or Eclipse
  • The application requests user for the AP name and connects to the same
   Note: It checks for a valid IP connection, by pinging the gateway. It also checks for an internet connection by pinging to ""
  • On success, below message shall be displayed on the terminal

Limitations/Known Issues