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CC3100 Scan Policies Application

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Overview and application details

This is a sample application demonstrating how to define the device's scan time interval in case there is no connection. Default interval is 10 minutes. On setting scan interval, an immediate scan is activated. The next scan will be based on the set interval. This sample application shows how to set and define these Scan-Policies for CC3100.

The application:

  • disables the connection policy so that no scan is run in the background
  • enables scan, sets scan cycle to 10 seconds and sets scan policy. This starts the scanning process
  • retrieves the scan results - all 20 entries in one transaction
  • retrieves the scan results - one by one
  • disables the scan policy

NoteNote: This wiki page is only applicable for CC3100-SDK v1.0.0 and upward releases. For documentation on older SDKs' examples, refer corresponding file in <cc3100-sdk-installation-location>\cc3100-sdk\docs\examples\


  • Connect the board to a Windows-PC and configure the terminal-program for seeing the logs - [| CC31xx_&_CC32xx_Terminal_Setting_Wiki] has detailed instructions for configuring the terminal-program
  • Build and launch the application
  • The scanning process starts as explained above
  • See the self explanatory logs on the terminal-program's console. On success, below message will be displayed on the terminal
Scan policy logs 1.png

Limitations/Known Issues

  • Scan in AP mode is not supported.