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CC3100 Summary of Known Issues

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This page contains all the known issues/limitations of CC31xx SDK release.


SDK Version Known Issues
1.1.0 SDK 1.1.0 known issues
1.0.0 SDK 1.0.0 known issues

SDK 1.1.0 Known issues


Issue # Issue Detail Impact Workaround/Fix Remarks
1 Mismatch in datatype of file descriptor when UART interface is used on MSP430F5529LP and Tiva-c-Launchpad. Compilation warning/error while using the uart interface. Modify the FD datatype in "msp430f5529lp/uart.h" and "tiva-c-launchpad/uart.h"

    // typedef unsigned int Fd_t;
    typedef short* Fd_t;

2 Enabling Pull up on PB1 of Tiva-c platform before enabling the peripheral clock. Tiva-c platform application project. Comment out the code enabling the pull up on PB1 under function "spi_open()" in "tiva-c-launchpad/spi.c"

    /* Enable pull up on PB1, CC3100 UART RX */     // GPIOPadConfigSet(GPIO_PORTB_BASE, GPIO_PIN_1, GPIO_STRENGTH_4MA, GPIO_PIN_TYPE_STD_WPU);

3 Delay isn't required between two packets while sending the data over transceiver mode. User application using transceiver mode. N/A transceiver_mode and sls_transceiver_mode examples in SDK point out a requirement of minimum 50ms delay while sending the data over transceiver mode socket which is not required.
4 CW (carrier wave) mode not working during transceiver mode RadioTool CW mode testing will not work. Change the following statement at line 805 of cc3200-sdk\simplelink\source\driver.c from:
if (pCmdExt && pCmdExt->RxPayloadLen < 0 && pCmdExt->TxPayloadLen)


if (pCmdExt && pCmdExt->RxPayloadLen < 0)
This fix will enable the CW to function correctly. However, since the change applies directly to the Simplelink Host Driver and this change hasn't been tested throughly by TI, the potential side effect of this change is unknown.

If the application doesn't use CW mode, this change is not needed.

5 Missing packet ID while sending the data over UDP socket Iperf may recognize the packet as Out of Order. Modify "<cc3100-sdk>/examples/udp_socket/main.c" as per below:

@line 568

- _u16            LoopCount = 0;
+ _u32            LoopCount = 0;

@line 587

    while (LoopCount < NO_OF_PACKETS)
+   	uBuf.BsdBuf[0] = LoopCount >> 24  & 0xFF;
+   	uBuf.BsdBuf[1] = LoopCount >> 16  & 0xFF;
+   	uBuf.BsdBuf[2] = LoopCount >> 8  & 0xFF;
+   	uBuf.BsdBuf[3] = LoopCount & 0xFF;
        Status = sl_SendTo(SockID, uBuf.BsdBuf, BUF_SIZE, 0,
                               (SlSockAddr_t *)&Addr, AddrSize);
        if( Status <= 0 )
            Status = sl_Close(SockID);
This fix is needed due to specific UDP packet format required by the Iperf.
More details @

SDK 1.0.0 Known issues