CC31xx & CC32xx Advanced App Notes

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Advanced App Notes

Power Management

Main Link: Power Management App Note

This application note documents the CC31xx/CC32xx networking subsystem power management (PM) capabilities and basic system behavior. It serves as a guide for creating power optimized systems using the CC31xx/CC32xx.

CC32xx Power Management Framework

Main link: Power Management Framework

The objective of the power management framework is to provide an easy to use infrastructure for developers to create a power aware solution. The framework abstracts the inherently complex tasks of power management by providing simple services that can be invoked by application developers.

SFlash Reccomendations

Main Link : SFlash Reccomendations Note

Many embedded systems contain a serial flash component to store firmware, configuration files and user data for usage by a microcontroller/processor. The processor sporadically writes data into this serial flash for updating the contents. Inclusion of serial flash memory poses unique challenges for the system designer.

Transceiver Mode Application

Main Link: Transceiver Mode App Note

This page describes CC31xx/CC32xx ‘802.11 Transceiver Mode’, a powerful feature that allows applications to send and receive raw data on 802.11 MAC and PHY layers. The feature bypasses the IP and MAC layers altogether, thereby allowing application developers define proprietary protocols over WLAN PHY.

Advanced Networking Features Highlights

Mian Link: CC3100/CC3200 Networking Advanced Features Usage Highlights