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CC3100 File Operations Application

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This sample application demonstrates the file-operation capabilities of CC3100 device. Serial-flash is used as the storage medium.

Page, sector and block size is given below:

  • Page - 256 Bytes
  • Sector - 4 Kb
  • Block - 64 Kb

Serial-flash transfers data over McSPI interface. Different APIs are provided for:

  • Serial-flash read
  • Serial-flash write
  • Sector Erase
  • Block Erase
  • Chip Erase

Application details

This application demonstrates how to exercise the host-driver APIs for file-operations. It:

  • opens an user file for writing
  • writes "Old McDonalds" child song several times to get just below a 64KB file
  • closes the user file
  • opens the file again for reading
  • reads the data and compares it with the stored buffer
  • closes the user file

NoteNote: This wiki page is only applicable for CC3100-SDK v1.0.0 and upward releases. For documentation on older SDKs' examples, refer corresponding file in <cc3100-sdk-installation-location>\cc3100-sdk\docs\examples\


  • Connect the board to a Windows-PC and configure the terminal-program for seeing the logs - CC3100 & CC3200 Terminal Setting has detailed instructions for configuring the terminal-program
  • Build and launch the application
  • See the self explanatory logs on the terminal-program's console.
    • Application open a file and write "Old MacDonalds" child song 36 times to get just below 64 KB size
    • It reopens the same file in read-only mode and reads the file contents
  • On success, below message will be displayed on the terminal

Limitations/Known Issues

  • Up to 100 files are supported.
  • File size is limited to 1 MByte, API won't return error while opening a larger file.