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CC3200 ADC

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The ADC peripheral converts a continuous analog voltage to a discrete digital number. The CC3200R device includes ADC modules with four input channels. Each ADC module features 12-bit conversion resolution for the four input channels. It supports Sampling rate of 16 μs per channel.

Application details

The application is a reference to usage of ADC DriverLib functions on CC3200. Developer/User can refer to this simple application and re-use the functions in their applications.

adcdemo: This command allows the user to excercise the ADC funcitonality on CC3200. The command needs one parameter adc_inputpin. - adc_inputpin is the pin to which analog signal is connected, the value can be 58 or 59 or 60.

Setup of signal genearator for generating analog signal:

  • Waveform - Select any suitable waveform - Sine,square,Ramp
  • Input Frequency - As ADC reaches nyquist rate at 31250 Hz, Input frequency should be between 50 Hz-30 KHz.
  • Input Amplitude - Low Level should be greater than 5 mV and high level should be less than 1.45 V.
  • Note - If there is a setting in the signal/function generator the change the output termination impedance of signal/Function generator to Infinite/High Z

Source Files briefly explained

  • main.c - The main file that contains the core-logic for analog to digital conversion. The functions in the file uses DriverLib calls to perform analog to digital conversion.

Supporting files

  • adc_userinput.c - The function in the file reads the input from the user, parses the input string and feed the core-logic functions in the main.c
  • pinmux.c - Generated by the PinMUX utility. UART0 pins are brought out in this file.
  • startup_ccs.c - CCS related functions
  • startup_ewarm.c - IAR related functions
  • uart_if.c - Functions to display information on UART


  1. Setup a serial communication application (HyperTerminal/TeraTerm). For detail info visit Terminal setup
    On the host PC, open a hyperterminal, with the following settings
    • Port: Enumerated COM port
    • Baud rate: 115200
    • Data: 8 bit
    • Parity: None
    • Stop: 1 bit
    • Flow control: None
  2. Run the reference application (/IAR/CCS).
    • Flash the bin
    • Open the project in IAR/CCS. Build and download the application to the board
  3. On the Hyperterminal, a prompt appears
    • The ADC commands need to be issued and the results can be seen
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Limitations/Known Issues