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CC3200 Connection Policy

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Connection policies determine how to connect to the AP:
-auto (automatically reconnect to one of its stored profiles)
-fast (returning to the last known connection)
-smart-config(connecting to an AP configured by SmartConfig App)

Application details

This application illustrates using the connection policies. Application will use every connection policy one by one, user needs to put breakpoints and checks for successful connection. All breakpoints are mentioned in source code under comments.

Source Files briefly explained

Main.c: Illustrates the use of API for setting the connection policies
start_*.c: Initialize vector table for IAR/CCS IDE.


  • Open project in IAR\CCS
  • Please put breakpoints in main.c from CCS\IAR IDE. These breakpoints places are mentioned as
// ****** Put breakpoint here ******
// If control comes here- means device connected to AP in Auto mode

If control comes on these breakpoints that means device is connected in that particular mode.

Limitations/Known Issues