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This simple example code connects to a Enterprise network using the certificate flashed to the serial flash.

Application details

Example to demonstrate connection to an enterprise network.
One LED will keep blinking until the connection is established.

Source Files briefly explained

main.c - Initializes the device, connects to a enterprise network


  • Download the required enterprise certificate file on sFLASH using 'Uniflash' utility. For detailed instructions about using Uniflash, refer UniFlash User Guide.
   1. Select the "/cert/ca.pem" tab.
2. In the Url field, mention the location of the enterprise certificate.
3. Check the Erase and Update check boxes and click "Program"
  • Open 'main.c' and modify 'ENT_NAME', 'USER_NAME','PASSWORD' accordingly
  • Build and launch the project on CCS/IAR
  • This simple example code connects to an enterpeise network with ssid 'ENT_NAME'.

Limitations/Known Issues