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CC3200 File Download Application

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Overview and Application Details

The objective of this sample code is to demonstrate how to connect to a server to download a file using HTTP Client library and save it on the serial flash. This scheme can be used by Application developer to update any file over the network.

This application allow user to:

  • Connect to an access point
  • Connect to ""
  • Download a 12.8 KB file.
  • Save it on serial flash in a temporary file.
  • Verify that the complete file is downloaded.

User can change the server and the requested file by changing the MACRO 'PREFIX_BUFFER', 'POST_BUFFER' and 'HOST_NAME'.
Size of the saved file can be changed by changing the MACRO 'SIZE_40K' but user will require to delete the existing file 'FILE_NAME'.
This application require access point with internet connectivity.


  • Open 'main.c' and change 'SSID_NAME', 'SEC_TYPE' and 'PASSKEY' as per your local n/w
  • Build and launch the project, the application tries to connect to AP.
  • Upon connection application tries to connect to the ""
  • Upon successful connection application request for a file from the server and saves it on the serial flash in a file 'FILE_NAME'.
  • On success, below message will be displayed on the terminal
File download 1 0 0.png.png

Limitations/Known Issues

  • Only downloading file from server sending the data in chunked format is supported. If user needs to download the file from server using other format, user will have to implement the algorithm to handle the response.
  • File download depends on memory available in Device's sFlash. Please delete some memory from sFlash using Uniflash if application fails.