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CC3200 File Operations

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This example demonstate the file operations that can be performed by the applications. The application use the serial-flash as the storage medium.

CC3200 launchpad has 1 MB Sflash.

Page,Sector and Block size is given below:
Page - 256 Bytes
Sector - 4 Kb
Block - 64 Kb

A filesystem is maintained in the SFlash and the simplelink library exposes APIs to perform file operations by storing the contents in SFlash. The application demonstrates the usage of these APIs.

Application details

The application does the following:

  • Open a user file for writing
  • Writes "Old MacDonalds" child song several times to get just below a 64KB file
  • Closes the user file
  • Opens the file again for reading
  • Reads the data and compares it with the stored buffer
  • Closes the user file
  • Glows the GREEN LED on success, else glows the RED LED on failure.

Source Files briefly explained

gpio_if - Basic GPIO interface APIs. Used to control the RED/GREEN LED.
main - Initializes the device, exercises the file operation APIs supported by the SimpleLink library

pinmux - Assigns a personality to the pins at the device boundary
startup_* - Tool specific vector table implementation


  1. Run the reference application (Flashing the bin/IAR/CCS).
  2. In case the file operations succeeds, on completion, the GREEN LED glows. In case of any errors, the RED LED glows. 

Limitations/Known Issues =