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CC3200 Out of Box Application

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This Application demonstrates Out of Box Experience with CC3200 Launch Pad. It highlights the following features

  1. Easy Connection to CC3200 Launchpad
    • Direct Connection to Launchpad by using CC3200 device in Access Point Mode(Default)
    • Connection using TI SmartConfigTechnology
  2. Easy access to CC3200 Using Internal HTTP server and on-board webcontent
  3. Attractive Demos
    • Home Automation
    • Appliance Control
    • Security System
    • Thermostat

For more information please refer CC32xx Quick Start Guide


  • The CC3200 Launchpad comes with all the required content flashed to run the application
  • Refer Quick Start Guide for detailed information
  • In case user flashed other SDK applications and need to download the out of box content again, follow below steps
  • Open <cc3200-sdk>\examples\out_of_box\html\out_of_box.ucf session file in Uniflash.
  • Flash the files to the device. Detailed instructions at Uniflash User Guide.
  • Run the reference application
    1. Run From IDE (IAR/CCS)
      • Open the Example Project as mentioned in the <cc3200-sdk>\docs\CC3200-Getting Started Guide.pdf
      • Build and download the application to the board
    2. Run From Flashed Binary
  • Connect to CC3200 device as mentioned in Quick Start Guide, You will see below main page on your browser

NoteNote: : In case device is coming up as AP (Jumper on VCC+P58) check Terminal prints to get to know device's AP name.



Go to Demo Tab. Click/Press on the icons to see the demo


Turn the Switch ON/OFF and Check the Red LED(D7) on Launchpad


Check temperature from Inbuilt temperature Sensor on Launchpad. Move the Launchpad and check Dryer status


Turn on the Switch. Move the Launchpad and check Alarm


Change the temperature slider and check the RED LED (D7)


Limitations/Known Issues